Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Bye Bye Bye & Fikenator Part II

So, I told my hubby that he needed to say goodbye...it was going to be sad for him...he might even cry and have to go through a period of mourning...but the muffin top has GOT TO GO! He was sad...but only that I have let it get so muffiny! :) I cranked up some N SYNC and started blasting "Bye, bye, bye" at top volume (yes, I did the dance).

Cynthia - this one is for you girl....

My good friend the Fikenator (see last post if you want to know more about him) and I were having a friendly little email communication today and I sent him a workout plan I was thinking about starting and this is what he sent me.....please note: when he refers to "the girls" he is referring to my boobs, knockers...fun bags. :) His email is in italics. Very funny stuff - especially his last line. He copied the program at the very beginning and then modifies it based on his recommendation later in the email.

P.S. I did ASK his opinon.

Ok here is HONESTY-
You are going to have issues.

Day 1:Chest (hvy) Triceps (hvy) Delts (hvy)
Day 2: Quads (hvy) Hams (hvy) Shoulders (light)
Day 3: Chest (light) Triceps (hvy)
Day 4
: Back (hvy) Biceps (hvy)
*Heavy Abs on day 2 and 4.
*Calves – 1 exercise up and down the weight stack for 15 reps per set on day 1 and 3.
DO NOT do heavy chest. The girls wont operate well.
Day 1
Delts whatever
thoughts, based on your picture your chest is fine. shoulders is the emphasis.
Day 2
biceps light
Thoughts, pullups thrown in to warm body up for 4 sets, start working on the V-taper, bigger back, small hips
Day 3
Chest Light
shoulders light
Triceps Heavy
thoughts, dont hurt girls, make pretty. shoulders for striations, hit the highpoints that the heavy day didnt hit, and then GROW ARMS
Day 4
Back heavy
Biceps heavy
thoughts, heavy day before rest day. Your back along with most others, jod-e, mine, yours... its a large group of muscles that take a long time to fatigue.
that being the case your arms should and probably will tire before your back. you may want to consider heavy arms on day 2, only IF you think you can recover in time to to heavy back.
after seeing your self analysis and including my biasness, you want bigger rounder shoulders. dont hurt girls, tighter and thinner legs.
So you have to hit the V taper and shoulders with vigor. chest for shape only
legs with skill cause you dont want mass. i, personally believe that some people, like osama and iraq, and such as..... kiddin
i digress... i think you need a little outer sweep without adding to much other mass.
I wish I had an opinion.

Ok, so now that the Fikenator has pretty much ripped my plan to shreds, I have to go find , look search and see if I can find my self respect and esteem. Jeez. FIKENATOR!!!!! You suck...but you are also awesome! You WISH you had an opinion?? Ha.

I will enlist your plan my dear friend. I am going to do my own cardio plan....which I will outline tomorrow but a preview: lots of HIIT sessions with one long slow cardio session.

More to come guys...thanks for tuning in and KEEP commenting!
Muffin Top Out


Anne said...

Dude, you friggin rock.

Visionquester said...

Sorry Fikenator.....I am no genius, but when I do a heavy chest day....my lats and anterior delts benefit as well. Plus, I can make my boobies dance on command.


dallas chica said...

You know I love you like a sister mi chica. I already think you look fantastic having been present at your official kickoff weekend here in Dallas back in February and seen the awesome results of your hard work to date. BUT - holy smokes girl, with that workout regime, I suppose I had better get moving over here if I am going to be even close to ready to be part of your nationals fan club in 2008!

In all honesty Jess, you are a true inspiration to me and I hope you know it. Love your new blog and love you too. XOXO A :)

Power Authority said...

Vision... - I am only suggesting a balanced attack not a complete removal of an excercise. And may I note, do the cha-cha....

Heavy chest, for the record, does workout the back on the low end and chest on the high end of the flexing movements. It also plays a factor in the anterior and medial deltoids. It has a small secondary hit on the traps when flexing on the low end between the shoulder blades. Also unbelievably heavy chest also uses secondary muscles in your abs and obliques...

Anonymous said...

Hey I believe you. I was simply going by what was sore at the time.