Friday, October 19, 2007

Bad 24 Hours

Well, RATS! I was so pumped about my day on Wednesday and then Thursday came around and I did everything right but didn't get my cardio in....Big RATS. But I did eat clean with the exception of a Michelob Ultra purchased by a friend while we were out...I only drank about 3/4ths of it.

So, overall, I was displeased that I didn't get my cardio in I did get my lift and my eat on. :)

Just to give everyone a good laugh, I thought I would show a picture of me sucking down a margarita after my first compeition. Yes, I was drunk after two sips. Man, how crazy do we look after a show!!

My day yesterday at work was insane but today is WIDE open so I will have a FULL plan for the next 30 days later today. WOO HOO!

Have a great weekend all!


Power Authority said...

I want a HOT PINK shirt - Does it come in 3(SUPERSIZE)XL?

Jessica said...

Dude....YOU KNOW I would get one of these for you but I think you would have to just wear one on each arm like floatie style.

I am CRACKING myself up!

onewickedheart said...

Hey Girl...first you are beautiful inside and out, do not give yourself such a hard time; that is why we are here (kidding).
It makes me sad that I am so far away as you go for your next awesome goal. I am so proud of you; sent your other comp. pictures to all of my family and some close friends. They wanted to know when you were coming to NC to visit for the Jessica tour. I said I would work on lining that up. My Mom could not believe it; how much you have changed, I shared your schedule and food plans, here only word was DEDICATION. I have to admit that picture of you after comp was scary, I was worried that it was from a last night and I was getting ready to book a flight to rescue you.
Thank you for starting the blog so we can keep up with your progress and challenges. I feel more intune reading about it each day.
I love you, you are an amazing person! Love your NC Chica

Anonymous said...

I clicked on your pic for a close up and it looks like your lash is about to come off. I had that problem too.


Jessica said...

EW! I clicked on the close up too and that is SCARY. How stinky and sticky and yucky were you after the comp??? But yes, it was my first time with false eyelashes. Crazy stuff.

Jessica said...

This is a comment to my Girl (onewickedheart)...of course I wasn't offended by your comment. Imagine going out after the show, getting completely hammered, eating a bunch of crap and going to sleep before taking off my make up or false eyelashes...I literally screamed when I looked in the mirror the next day. AHHHHHH! Scary stuff. Thank you for all your kind words. I have two main sources of motivation through this process: 1) my family and friends who give me wings and 2) my own competitive spirit. :) Love you girl!