Saturday, October 13, 2007

Are you happy now Vision Quester?

I have decided to start this blog for a number of of which is Cynthia Herndon who has been prodding me to start a blog and I think she rocks - for a number of reasons some of which are that she is funny, dedicated and always honest....always.

My name is Jessica and I am a figure competitor who is competing in a national competition in June or July of next year (have to decide on my show). My role models are Jenny Lynn, Jen Hendershott, Adela Garcia and any other competitor out there who continues to rock the house.

Right now I am working out with a three day upper body split and lower body 3x per week - 2x light and 1 heavy leg day. I am strugging with consistent cardio however I know the first thing I need to do to address my lack of motivation for cardio is to determine what my barriers are...and I am in the process of doing that...I will keep you posted as I explore. Diet is going ok - I struggle on days when I don't have my meals planned or prepared....duh? Shocking? Not so much. Tomorrow I will outline my plan for the next few months in a weekly format and list it in the blog template.

Thanks to call of you who support me and keep me on the straight and narrow - you guys rule.


Anne said...

Kick ass. I cant wait to read these blogs.

CH said...

I am friggin' ecstatic!!!!