Tuesday, October 23, 2007

De Plan, De Plan!!

Ladies and Gentlemen.....let's get ready to RUMBLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLE! (Insert jock jams tune here).

I had to start out my blog with that line after my UFC fight weekend in Cinci. My hubby and I left on Saturday morning (early) drove 9 hours...got out of car and blew up shoulders and legs (kind of light on both but still a workout) at the 13,000 square foot gym before walking to an absolutely wonderful dinner and then another walk to the US Bank arena for one of the most amazing events EVER! UFC 77 with Rich Franklin fighting Silva for the title match. While my boy Rich lost, the whole event was amazing. We were five (yes, 5!) rows back from the Octagon. Amazing. Then we stumbled back to the hotel room, slept for 6 hours and got up and drove home. While it was a lot of car time, it was perfect! I cheated at my meal - fillet and lobster and bread - and also had a martini and a few more cocktails. Totally worth the cheat.

Anyhoo,....why this is all Seinfeld related...is because on the way back Sunday, Jody and I mapped out our goals. I am a BIG believer in goal setting - be specific and set short term and long term goals. My BF and weight are definitely higher than I would like - 21% - which totally sucks. I had a really hard time with learning that however I also know it is a necessary evil and having knowledge is what I needed in order to jump start my motivation again. Well, trust me, I am VERY motivated.

Ultimately I have no one to blame buy myself - my intensity has been crap - in both my lifting and my cardio workouts. I think the two back to back shows I did was a kick in the a** in terms of falling off AFTER – I was completely burnt out. And yes, add a wedding, a honeymoon, the return of asthma due to cats and a metabolism that has slowed way down from dieting and you have a recipe for fatty.

I am WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY motivated after my BF test. Again, I am not totally stoked about what my weight is or my body fat, it is great to KNOW what it is and then move forward to addressing it. Again, terribly disappointed but am not surprised really.

Having a plan in place is the most key. My focus is on my major body parts as stand alone: Back, shoulders, biceps, triceps, legs.

Here it is:

Short Term: Get body fat to 16% by end of year. This translates losing about 8.7-9lbs of fat in 10 weeks or a little under a lb of fat a week. Ultimately I would like to also gain 3lbs of muscle which would net me out at about 121lbs. You can do the math to figure out how fat I am. :)

Long Term - 2008:
Top 3 Placement at a National Show
Sub 21 Minute 5k
BF less than 16% all year
Sub 1hr 25 min Sprint Triathlon

I won't go through all of my milestones to achieve all of those goals - only those associated with body fat and my national show.

Please note that all associations with Body Fat (BF) are not an obsession with BF per say but rather a percentage that equates to the way I feel in my skin, with my own self image and the way my clothing fits which are all important for me in terms of continuing my forward progress.

But the most important question - how will I accomplish this goal???

1. Minimum of 30 to 45 minutes cardio in the morning on an empty stomach five (5) days a week - preferrably all of those sessions will be HIIT sessions.
2. Light leg workout two (2) days per week - plyometrics and light weights.
3. Cardio 30 minutes after workout session three (3) days per week in afternoon.
4. Weight lifting on a three days on, one day off schedule as follows:
Mon - Back supersetting with abs over lunch, biceps at night.
Tues - Light chest supersetting with calves over lunch, triceps and light legs at night.
Wed - Off
Thurs - Shoulders over lunch supersetting abs, rear delts and light legs at night.
Fri - Back SS w/abs lunch, biceps at night.
Sat - Light chest SS with calves, triceps and light legs at night.
Sun- Shoulders and HEAVY legs.

Overall, this is an aggressive plan but one I feel good about acheiving. Less than a lb a week is VERY reasonable and doable and so I am ready to attack!! After this 10 weeks I will focus the following 13-16 weeks on gaining mass while keeping body fat reasonable and then being to diet down the last 12 weeks.

Come with me on this journey won't you?

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