Friday, October 19, 2007

Mr. Butler

I wanted to introduce everyone to Mr. Butler a.k.a my Number One Fan and President of the Jessica Fan Club. He is the best hubby a girl could ask for...he loves me (muffin top or not) and makes me feel like I can accomplish anything! He is truly the reason I got on stage the first time.

And if you MUST know, the shirts we are wearing (Fikenator - these are the hot pink shirts you WISH came in a 3XL), are shirts my hubby designed for me for all 30 people who attended my first competition (local) that had a rockin bod on the front and said "Body by Jessica". So very sweet!

Thank you for giving me wings my love!
Your Piddle


Susan Zehner said...

You got this girl. Just remember the rabbit doesn't win the race! You will be back bigger and stronger than ever. None of us doubt your commitment and discipline. You are the chica, Mrs. Hendrix! he-he

Power Authority said...

yo- Jody and Jess, as I recall i went and represented the clan on the day side... check it...