Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Back on Track Baby!

Apparently saying goodbye to my muffin top and having a small ceremony to part ways with said muffin top is JUST what I needed to get off my ass.

A couple of awesomely proud moments for me in the last 24 hours:

1. Ran 5 miles last night (slow but finished).
2. Biked this am for 40 minutes on an empty stomach.
3. Ate at the Chinese food buffet today and KICKED A**. It was TYHTLD today (Take Your Husband to Lunch Day) and so obviously it was his choice. It is actually our day off from the gym (upper body) so we had lunch. His choice - fatty bo batty Chinese buffet....BUT I was not derailed. I ate boiled shrimp, some sushi rolls, some sashimi and two hard boiled eggs (no yolk). Success! Normally, I would just give in to the buffet - NOT today.
4. Had 10,000 meetings (well, maybe just like 7) and still ate regularly and clean (a bit too much prepared foods - protein powder and a bar) but overall I did great.

I am still working on solidifying some short term goals - definitely need to get them on paper. Long term too....but I already know that - place top 3 at nationals. :)

Got Turbulence Training e-book...been checking it out - and it is definitely a fat blaster but not sure how it will affect muscle mass.

Oh, and BIG props to my Beverly International peeps for being one of the main reasons I gained 2lbs of muscle during the 5 week prep in between my last two shows. I love, love, love their protein powder (makes a super yummy-you-think-you-are-eating-something-bad-for-you pudding), mass aminos and glutamine. Plus their contest prep program is PRICELESS.

Life is good.


Visionquester said...

They paying you to say that?? If you plan on placing top 3 at Nationals, I would hold out for a company that will pay you to sell their products.


dallas chica said...

I'm with visionquester. Supplemental income = more juice for the squeeze.

Jessica said...

Love my ladies! Woop woop! Ok, so I will tone down my love of the Beverly but will only do so until I start selling my soul to supplements companies! :)

Back to juicing...

Anonymous said...

I got 3 free t-shirts from them last year (if you catch my drift).