Monday, October 15, 2007


My good friend Jason Fike - who I refer to as the Fikenator - and you would know why I call him by said nick name if you saw how humongous he is (like 325 lbs of muscle and benches around 500 give or take) - sent me an email yesterday giving me props (thank you Jason) for my blog but also pushing me answer the tough questions (double thanks). Here are his questions along with my answers:

Between your first season and now your coming up second season, what differences do you notice now that you were oblivious to the first go around?
How big my hips and butt are...and I mean that in the nicest way possible to me. My hips measure around 35.5 inches during competition however for most professional girls, their hips range around 34 inches. In case you are bad at math, that is a 1.5 inch difference - significant! Jenny Lynn (the baddest figure girl around) measures 33.5 about a month out from competition....that is somewhat daunting but at the same time I know what I need to do. In terms of differences I know I have a LOT more time this time to get big upstairs while getting smaller in my lower half. Track workouts and running will be key to this as will be consistent leg lifts. Jenny's measurements go a little bit like this:
Waist: 24.5; Hips: 33.5; Arm: 12; Quad 21; Shoulder circumference: 43. She is 5'5". She weighs 138 off season and 125 contest day.
Motivation, You have analyzed your metal game is not where you would like it to be. So what do you need to do get this set straight. I didn't see anything to correct this currently on your BLOG. You mention physical attributes causing a stress mentally. Also you have other stressors... How do you focus for that 1.5 hour period, also set your mind straight to do this daily. Do you need a short term coach?
One of the things that helps me TREMENDOUSLY is setting weekly goals and then parlaying those goals into my daily to-do list. This also needs to take place on my workouts. And I need to get my cardio in (on days I am doing cardio) as early as possible so it doesn't take a back seat. This BLOG will be my short term coach and between you, Jody, Cynthia and this BLOG - I have a great accountability team!

All that being said, I am in the process as I type this of doing my workout schedule for week and for remainder of month. :)

Now, off me Fikenator!


Anne said...

Yeah dude. This is Friggin amazing! I love what you wrote!

CH said...

You have cool friends...can I borrow some? Anyway...this guy the Fikenator and me would get along great. That's what I am all about too....identify the weakness or problem, brainstorm, come up with a strategy to overcome!!! I love it.

Just paint your hips darker to make them look smaller if it is a skeletal thing.

Power Authority said...

Thanks all - jess and her team (Jody and Joe) are my good training pals. Just trying to excel together!