Friday, October 26, 2007

While Spiking Your Right Calf....& End of Bus Week Recap

Anyone who has attended a bodybuilding show knows exactly what I am talking about but when we attended our first show we became obsessed with the spiking of the right calf and now whenever we take pictures as part of an event, we take one involving spiking our right calf. This was on our wedding day. While I was clearly having trouble with the spike, at least I lifted my dress up! I was a little distracted! :)

The week turned out to be a very good reviewing my log, I kept all of my was my 5th day in a row of AM ES (morning empty stomach) cardio and I lifted every day except my planned rest day. My eats were 99% clean and I felt great about my intensity. I am pumped to have 5 days of cardio behind me so that this weekend if I want to sleep in or not do cardio right when I wake up, I can!!!

But I am running an a severely flat sleep tire. Averaged about 6 hours a night this week. YIKES!

And a BIG shout out to the Fikenator who changed his eating habits and has lost 10 lbs in 3 weeks as a result - NICE!

Have a great weekend all and if you get crazy, just spike your right calf!


Anne said...

I love that picture. I think it is adorable that you did that on your wedding day. I am glad you stuck with your goals! Way to go! Doesn't it kind of suck to take a day off. I never feel as good on that day off when I don't work out. However, it does make me more motivated to push myself the rest of my days. Lots of love and have a great weekend!

Visionquester said...

Congratulations on your successful week.

Power Authority said...

Damn Jody, you got a blowed out calf, when do you train legs? e-v-e-r? still nice spike----