Saturday, December 13, 2008

What a Week! Snotty....and I heart Puffs w/Vicks!

Oy vey! What a week!! All day conference on Wednesday, Leadership meeting all day Thursday. Christmas party Wednesday and Thursday nights. It was a brutal week so it's no wonder I got under the weather again.

I had gotten rid of whatever I had a couple weeks ago, but with my long days this week, inconsistent sleep, lack of exercise and lack of good eats, I have a nasty cold. Very congested and a lot of snot. Not fun. Called my practitioner Friday to make sure it is ok to use nasal spray so I could breathe while sleeping. Man that stuff is a miracle. Thank goodness the doc gave me the ok on it....I would have slobbered all over myself trying to sleep. I know, SEXY!

Had planned on running the lake with Amber Saturday morning but just didn't feel up to it. Sorry for the gross out but when I have so much extra snot I really struggle with my breathing it is really hard to get enough air for good cardio. And I am also a firm believer that when you are sick, taking care of your body is key for healing. So healing is what I focused on on Saturday. I started a blog post but felt like dukie so decided not to force one out.

I DO heart Puffs w/Vicks. If you haven't tried them and you like the smell of Vicks when you are sick and congested, you HAVE to check them out. They have a little lotion on them as well so they are super moisturizing. But when you blow your nose you get this awesome whiff of Vicks. And I usually just put them up to my nose and inhale which is awesome. I feel like I have a crack problem but it is just Vicks not real crack.

Amber told me that one of her friends at her office had pregnancy rhinitis for most of per pregnancy. Basically it means that your mucous membranes are swollen and you have a cold for the duration of the pregnancy. I am hoping and praying I just have a bug because I do NOT want to feel like this for long.

My workouts were fairly dismal this week...a couple good workouts on Monday, Tuesday and little one on Thursday morning but outside of that I didn't get in all I wanted to. Regardless I got in a few! So that is good! I had a great shoulder workout this morning....great considering how I feel! :) Did the following:
  • Alternating front shoulder raises w/10 lb dumbbells - 15 reps each side, 4 sets
  • Lateral raises with extra extension w/15lb dumbbells - 15 reps, 4 sets
  • German volume training, behind the head press w/smith rack - 30 lbs, 10 reps, 10 sets (last rep should be almost impossible to complete (and it was!)
Jody and I may go do legs later and I might try to take Pabs for a little jog afterward. It is 66 degrees here and I would hate to miss an opportunity for us to both get some fresh air.

All is well with the baby....have our first doc appt on Friday!!! I am so excited I can barely stand it!!! Hopefully we will hear the heart beat and see the ultrasound....I can't wait to see the little guy or girl. Outside of my cold, I feel awesome. I am really so lucky to not have the morning sickness so many women go through. Who knows...maybe I will have some at some point but for now I am thankful.

Next week my focus will be on getting in some form of exercise every day - even if it is just a walk on the treadmill to get my cardio back up. And Jody and I are really enjoying the gym at night together....such a great way to talk and catch up. I caught up on Oprah yesterday during my couch sick fest and watched the episode about why men cheat. The doctor she had on there said that the average couple talks for 12 minutes a day!! TWELVE MINUTES! How terrible is that????? So sad. Another reason I am so grateful for my cherub.

Hope you all are having a great weekend! With Monday right around the corner I hope all of you are thinking about what you want to accomplish this week!

Love you guys!


P.S. I just got back from the gym and a great leg workout considering how I am feeling. I was pretty much in O2 debt the whole time.

Four sets of:
  • Smith machine squats, 50lbs, 15 reps
  • Hamstring curls on machine, 90lbs, 15 reps
  • Quad extensions, 90lbs, 15 reps
Four sets of:
  • Sumo squats, 50lbs 15 reps
  • Walking lunges w/30lb Kettlebells (60lbs total), 20 reps each leg
  • Calf press, 100lbs, 15 reps
Good stuff.


renee said...

I hope you start to feel better. Being sick is no fun and even worse when you can't take anythng for it.

Julie said...

I can't wait to hear about your first baby appointment! Hearing that little beat and seeing your little bean for the first time - it doesn't get better than that! Well, until you get to hold them in your arms that first time. Well, and then every single thing that happens after that - you are in for some good times with that baby!!

Visionquester said...

Hope you are feeling better...colds suck!

Yeah.. first time you hear the heart beat is pretty cool... they say if it's fast it's a girl and slow it's a boy..right???

And if there is more than one heart beat... well good luck to you.


Kelly Olexa said...

are you feeling better yet sweet pea??
Sending you hugs!!

Krissa said...

That is a great leg workout!

Hope you are feeling better. I had the crud too. I am sure that is all it is--it will go away. :)

I bet you are soooo excited to hear the heartbeat. In school, we got to be with some new mommies to be and hear the hearbeats with them. I almost cried with the mom. So sweet.