Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Weekly Recap and Family Workout

WHOA! Can you say contest day photo shoot? Holy cow!!

Below is my weekly recap for the week of the 24th. As I mentioned in my last post, I definitely was "off" but I am not beating myself up over it - in fact, I am going to take the Krissa mentality and give myself props for the 3 workouts I DID get in! ;) Thank you Krissa!

Week of November 24th

Tuesday: Hamstrings and biceps - PM
Wednesday: HIIT 30 minutes AM followed by a meal, 45 minute rest and back/bis for 45 mins
Thursday: 7.3 mile Turkey Trot - LOTS of hills - 66 minutes
Friday: Off
Saturday: Dancing 1 hour (hey! it counts)
Sunday: Off

Since we moved here 2.5 years ago, there has been a sign up saying the new World's Gym is coming....and every time you would call one of their other locations they would literally tell you it was opening in six months...then another six months....then another...you get the idea. But it FINALLY opened up yesterday and it is bad to the bone! A really nice facility with 3 smith racks (one of my biggest complaints about most gyms), tons of great machines and racks, lots of dumbbells, tons of cardio equipment and much more. So we joined last night and we went tonight for our first gym workout in awhile. Working out at the country club is a mini-gym - like a super bad ass hotel gym - but working out at a regular gym again was nice.

BUT that wasn't the best part about the workout...it was working out with my hubby. We used to workout together every day but haven't in awhile so it was awesome to get back in there and workout with my cherub. We did back and biceps. :)
  • 5 sets of assisted pull ups (I am not a bad ass like Cynthia)
  • Seated rows - 4 sets at 50lbs (remember, trying to keep my weight lower than normal)
  • Bicep curls wth olympic bar - no weight 12 reps 2 sets and 10lbs 10 reps 2 sets
  • Hammer curls with 20lb dumbbells
Not a long workout, just a shorty once we smoked our back and biceps. But I loved it. :)

I am feeling really good about my pregnancy workouts. And my eating. I ate perfect yesterday and today and it felt so good. I have added a lot more veggies and fruit into my diet to give little man (or woman) what they need.

Hope you guys are rocking it out! Drink your water, eat for fuel and workout with intensity!!


P.S. Still have a cold which is NOT fun when you are eating 6 meals a day b/c I can't breathe through my nose when I eat which means if I want to eat with my mouth closed I SUFFOCATE. Not cool. Hoping the nose clears up for sleep tonight so I can get some rest. Can't take anything b/c of the baby in my belly. :)


Kelly Olexa said...

You got a WORLDS GYM?? Soo lucky!! I love Lifetime but dream of a Golds actually.

I also am still sick- I think this sore throat has just lingered for close to 3 weeks in varying degrees; sucks, that is sooo awful you can't take anything...!!

;-) Can't wait to see pictures of you!!


Anonymous said...

Wow, great workout! Wish my Hubby liked to workout, it would be so nice to have a partner. Great job on the eats too! Look at you, even though you're sick, you're still eating healthy! Whoo-hoo!

I totally know what it's like to have a cold, not be able to breathe, be preggers and not be able to take anything for it. I really hope you feel better soon!

Jen said...
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Anonymous said...

We don't have any gyms here... just a really big YMCA which is always packed, so I workout at home. Sometimes. When I feel like it. When I'm not sore. Or too tired. Or too busy. Or too hungry...

Feel better soon!

PS. Sorry for the deleted comment. That was me - but using the wrong Google account by mistake...

Visionquester said...

Hey Jessica.. that new gym sounds badass.. I couldn't figure out if you were upset it had smith racks or happy about it.

Way cool anyway..

Yeah..I liked the Krissa mentality as well.