Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year's Eve! 2009 Goals and Lots of Pics!

Hey friends! I wanted to share some pics with you! Finally! :)

A pic of me and then me and the DH on our way out one night. I wanted to show you guys what I look like with my hair done and make up on as opposed to my usual no make up, sweaty vlogs. :)

A pic of me and DH from the handsome IS he???? This is my own manjoyment moment. The cool thing is, I am married to him! :)

This is from our Christmas celebration with his family. We broke out the karaoke machine at his parents house and got crazy! Me and the hubby doing a duet to Bust a Move. Jody did the wrap and I sang "If you want it, you got it. If you want it, baby you got it." :)

My aunt Dixie (on left) and my mom (on right) singing something (I can't remember). Aren't they adorable! :)

Me and the hubby on at outlook overlooking his home town in Russellville, Arkansas. This park is called Mt. Nebo and it is beautiful! Please note my zippie and matching hat. :)

Ok, enough of the photo show. I know you are waiting for a pregnant belly picture but the last picture we took had some really bad shadows so you can't really tell what my belly looks like because of the shadowing. So, I will have the hubby take another one today and see if we can get a better image. I can't tell if I am starting to show a little or if I have just had too much good food over Thanksgiving and Christmas. ;)

We are having a HUGE New Year's Eve party tonight and I am so excited! We had one last year and it is called: Pro's Night In! versus Amatuer's Night Out! :) We were getting frustrated because our only options for New Year's Eve were to go to the bars or a hotel. The challenge is driving while drinking (although this year is not an issue :)) and all the idiots who go out on New Year's Eve. It is SO packed! So, we decided to have a party. We have poker (high and low stakes), karaoke in our garage which we completely clean out and heat - set up tables and a drink station and this year we are having Rock Band in our living room. We always have tons of food and our friend Doon makes tons of shots for everyone! It is a BLAST!! I wish you all lived closer so you could come! I will have lots of party pics to share and I am sure lots of stories....most of which I am sure will involve my hubby!

As I mentioned the other day, Jody and I did our Goals for 2009. I am still looking for our 2008 goals and haven't had any luck yet....but I probably met about half of them...I know one I did NOT meet was to get my body fat to 16% so as I look at Goals for 2009 I need to make sure I consider my obstacles and challenges for not acheiving it in 2008. I will say a HUGE piece was mental. I was burnt out and not committed.

Note: We prefer to do GOALS versus resolutions. Goals focus more on the positive and achievement versus NOT doing something or removing a negative behavior. To each their own but this is how WE roll. :)

Here are my 2009 Goals:

  • Participate in monthly bill paying and savings/investment review with the DH. He manages most all of this currently and I want to become more involved so I can help make better decisions about what I spend money on.
  • Keep our house more organized and clean.
  • Remember and acknowledge birthdays and anniversaries consistently.
  • Focus on non-draining friendships. I think there are some relationships that drain you...the energy you put into the person or relationship isn't balanced by what you receive. Friendships are like any other relationship, they have to be a two way street. I have a few friendships that mean a lot to me that I didn't give the attention to in 2008. I am going to focus on those in 2009 and repair where I wasn't a good friend.

  • Gain less than 30 total pounds with the baby, weight at 155 max.
  • Have a baby. :)
  • Decrease body fat to 15% by end of year (6 months after baby). This will equate to about 120 lbs if my lean mass is 105. I know it is aggressive but hey, goals are goals. :)
  • Find a food tracking system that works for me and track food daily.
I hope you all have a wonderful and safe New Year's Eve! Remember, you CAN ACHIEVE whatever you set your mind to! The mind body connection makes everything possible! Be PATIENT and CONSISTENT and you will achieve your goals!



EM :) said...

You are Beautiful. And "hubba hubba" Jody! :) You both look simply PERFECT together!

The party sounds super fun! I think the last 3 out of 5 years we've stayed home on NYE! It's not worth it going out!! Too many boneheads!!!!

Anyway, love the goals, and I KNOW you will achieve them all!


Anonymous said...

Wow - wonderful pictures, Jess. And yes - I agree, you are married to a hunka, hunka, burnin' love! (as am I) heh heh!

Your NYE party sounds fabulous. I really wish we were neighbors so we could crawl over to your garage for a few drinks.

We're staying in tonight - just the two of us - got the fireplace cranked up and ready to go. Hopefully, we'll make to midnite. ha!

Happy New Year!

Visionquester said...

Great pics, great goals..especially the one about ditching draining friends, and a great party to bring in the new year.

Happy New Year!

Crap we're going out.. with all the crazies. Cosmic Bowling complete with sparkling cider for the whole fam!!!!


Krissa said...

I LOVE ALL THE PICS! I look forward to baby pics. That will be soooo cool.

You are soooo pretty. You look just as good when you are all-natural too.

You have great goals. I also put that one on my list--remembering birthdays better--which is strange we both have that one because it seems unusual. I am very bad about that and I used to be able to NOT feel guilty about it because I was young and in school but now, I am an old married woman (just kidding) and I need to be better about letting people know I am thinking about them on their special day.

Hope you have a blast bringing in the new year.

Jessica said...

Have you tried for tracking? I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

& Happy New Year!

B said...

what a cute couple! and I agree Goals is a better way to put it

Kelly Olexa said...

Could you two BE any cuter?? I don't think so. So happy for you both and so excited to see your little boo-bear!! ;-)
Happy New Year!!

Eve said...

Great pics Jessica! New Year's at home is sooo much better! Great goals you have planned out too! Can't wait to see the baby pics too!! Take care and Happy New Year!!!! :)


Abby said...

Great goals! I wish you luck with your goal to only gain 30 pounds. I gained 80lbs with each of my pregnancies, but I know you are more disciplined. I was definitely one of those women who used pregnancy as a excuse to eat anything that wasn't nailed down! Something I regret.

Happy New Year!

Jessica said...

Thanks so much for the great comments you guys! Love you all!