Friday, January 2, 2009

December Recap & Baby Bladder Challenges

Gabby Reece - 4.5 month pregnant. WOW! That is ONE fit mama!

Hey y'all! Happy New Year again to all of you! I finally got caught up on all my blogs today and I was so happy to get reconnected with all of you again! You guys are such a part of my life and I am so thankful to have all of you as friends! Thank you for being such a wonderful support system! And I know each of you will achieve what you set your mind to in 2009!!

Instead of doing weekly recaps, I will be doing a monthly recap. The idea here will be to get a 15,000 foot view of my monthly workouts.

Total days in month: 31
Total cardio sessions: 14

Total weight training sessions: 17

Total workouts: 31

Days off: 10

Detailed summary:

Week of December 1st
Tuesday: Back and biceps - PM
Wednesday: Shoulders & Legs - PM
Thursday: Off
Friday: Chest & Triceps - PM
Saturday: Booty School (more on this later) & 30 minute jog - PM
Sunday: 5.5 mile lake run with Amber and Pabs! Awesome!

Week of December 8th:
Back and biceps - PM
Jog, low intensity 30 mins AM & Shoulders - PM
Wednesday: Off
Thursday: AM Treadmill Walk/Jog - 30 mins
Friday: Off
Saturday: Off
Sunday: AM Shoulders; PM Legs

Week of December 15th:
30 minutes, treadmill high incline, Back and biceps, PM
BOMBED Shoulders, 30 minutes treadmill
Legs - Yowza!]
Friday: 30 minute 10% incline treadmill walk
Saturday: Back, biceps, abs
Sunday: OFF

Week of December 22nd:
30 minutes, treadmill 10% incline, AM; Shoulders, triceps, abs PM
40 minutes, treadmill high incline, AM; Brutal leg workout, PM Wednesday: OFF
6 mile trail run - felt awesome!
Friday: 6.2 mile road run - not as easy as yesterday, AM; Killer shoulder workout, PM
Saturday: OFF (celebrated Christmas with our families!)
Sunday: 60 minute run at gym, approx 7.5 miles
Week of December 29th:

Week of December 29th:
30 minute treadmill uphill walk, biceps and triceps
Tuesday: OFF
Wednesday: KILLER shoulder workout and 1/2 hour run

This is PRECISELY why I wanted to do a MONTHLY recap. What I suspected was that my perception of my workouts would be better than what they actually are and I was right!! My goal has always been to workout 5 days a week with both cardio and weights. I fell 6 workouts short of my cardio goals and just 3 short of my weight training. Overall, considering the holidays and being pregnant and very sleepy, I feel really good about my accomplishments. And let me say I am PROUD of the achievements. Now, I need to focus on increasing my cardio and weight training for a more consistent week. This will ultimately look like making sure I do cardio and weights 5 days a week. I found a great blog last night about a girl that worked out consistently and only gained 30 lbs. And the KEY here is how strong all the women I have talked to and read about feel during delivery. How nice will that be???

Now, let's talk about bladder changes. So I drank two or three 16 oz bottles of water yesterday and then the hubby and I went for a run at about 2pm. I peed RIGHT before we started running and as soon as I started bouncing up and down on the trail, my bladder felt full again. NOT fun. It was REALLY uncomfortable. About twenty minutes into the trail I asked the hubby to keep an eye out and I peed in the woods and AHHHH relief. At first I thought maybe the baby was just on my bladder b/c it couldn't possibly be full again but it was. JEEZ. My plan will be to stop drinking water about 45 minutes before a run but make sure I hydrate big time up until that point. Talk about PLANNING! :)

Have a great weekend you guys! I am SO sad b/c my staycation is coming to an end tomorrow. :( I am so not excited about going back to work on Monday but I just have to soak up the next 36 hours...get done everything I need to get done to feel like I am in a great place for Monday!

Love and kisses!

P.S. We saw Seven Pounds last night. It was REALLY slow and a little challenging to follow in the beginning but the end was phenomenal and very moving. I was is a really powerful film....and I highly recommend it but it can easily be rented. Not necessarity worth the $20 to GO to the theater...but again, powerful and moving.


Krissa said...

We watched that movie too. I was about to lose it at the end. Mainly because my mom is blind and it just moved me beyond words. Going to the movies is a hobby of mine so it was well worth the 15 bucks.

We are all proud of you too. You are so motivated. You do such a good job of looking back and actually seeing what you accomplished. I like the monthly recap--that is a whole new perspective that allows you to see the bigger picture. You are doing great.

Any bump yet?

Krissa said...

Is it just my small laptop that makes my eyes look WHITE in the pic above? I changed it just anyway.

April said...

Wow, i'm never getting pregnant for sure now. Your bladder sounds like mine does this instant.

Gabby looks amazing! That's what my stomach looks like after eating all that fudge LOL!

I can't wait to see your progress video after 9 months how exciting!

B said...

love Gabby!! I named my bike after her LOL

so many sad movies this christmas but I need to see marley and me cause I read the book hopring for next week

seven pounds I will rent I think

I am back to work today I hope I remember what to do I have been off so long :)

Visionquester said...

Hey Jess.. Very nice monthy recap. So I was thinking.. you want to get to 155 tops.. That means you are 5 pounds out from contest weight right now. Wow.

20 and 15 bucks? Ok.. obviously you guys aren't getting a large poporn and drink..

About the sad movies.. no thanks. I saw Marley and Me and would have rather shot my self in the foot and went to the emergency room for a good time. I need to be alone if I am going to get all slobbery.

About the bladder... don't be surprised if you have to pee in exactly the same spot the next time you go out for a jog. I don't know why but I had to pee in the same spot in the woods every freaking jog of the summer.. even driving by the spot would trigger it. lol

I feel for you.. I do. It must be very difficult for you to do weights and cardio 5 days all while really sleepy and then not be able to consume any caffein to keep you awake.

You'll definitely have no troubles being a new mom with the amount you take on already.

Cheers and can't wait to see the bump progress pics.


Abby said...

Oh I remember trying to run when I was pregnant, my last one I only ran the first few months. Then I switched to mostly stairmaster. I would do intervals. They actually helped me with labor. I would pretend they were contractions and go as fast and hard as I could for 1-2 minutes.
It sounds like you are doing awesome! I wish I would have taken more pics of my belly when I was pregnant! Can't wait to see yours!

Jessica said...

Krissa -
I can see why the movie touched was so powerful...I was sobbing like a baby. Thanks for your words of encouragement!!
Yes, a little bump...will have hubby take a pic this morning and will post later today! And yes, that pic did make your eyes look REALLY white! :) Weird. Must be little computer. issue.
April - I always knew the bladder would be a problem but I am sure in the end I will be happy with my little bundle of joy! Can they do bladder enlargement operations?? :)
B - I want to go see Marley and Me too but hubby is out. So may have to rent later.
C-Contest weight was 116lbs. I was 125 when I got knocked up. I have gained about 3 lbs so currently I am about 128 at the moment...a full 12lbs off contest weight. I have lost some muscle mass so I am sure my fat % is higher therefore giving my baby lots of fat stores to feed off of. :)
As for peeing, I find myself scoping out pee locations or hiding spots when I am running :) So funny. I think I may have to take my workouts to the gym where there is a toilet!
I realized after I read your comment that I haven't posted about entering the 2nd trimester - MY ENERGY IS WAY back. I think you can see that from my monthly workouts. When I was just doing weights, I was narcoleptic. Now that I have energy again, I literally can't sleep past about 7.5 hours and have TONS of energy. And I never drank caffeine to fuel my workouts. I only drank coffee in the mornings. I am not a caffeine person at all.
I will do my best to balance it all but I am sure I will struggle like everyone!
Abby - I already know my running days are numbered! Unless I start wearing Depends!