Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Eating Healthy = Hunger Pangs

Hey y'all! Happy Tuesday to each of you! An ode to Monica Brant who will compete at the Arnold this year....that woman is such an icon. Look at that tiny little waist! She is the Erika Cane of the figure world...never winning a major event. But yet we all still consider her one of the best!

I am over half way through day two of super clean eating and loving it! My diet has consisted of Ezekiel bread, poached eggs (so yummy), bell peppers, cottage cheese, pineapple chunks, naturally more peanut butter, apples, oranges, celery, carrots, low fat cheese sticks, tuna, salads, chicken, yogurt and more! LOVING IT! My calories are around 2000 right now....doc said baby doesn't really need a whole lot more till I get to second trimester.

I forgot how good you feel when you eat super clean....and I wake up SUPER hungry. But that is probably partially baby. :) Regardless, my energy level is higher and I feel much, much better than I did when I was eating buffalo shrimp, pizza, etc. :) GO FIGURE!

I am still feeling GREAT with the baby. I have a doc appt a week from today and then the NEXT doc appt will be when we find out what the sex is....we are so excited! I need to weigh myself and I plan on taking a couple pics in the morning. The last picture we took had a wicked shadow that made it look like i was showing a lot more than I am. I am still wearing all my regular clothes - no Bella Band - no rubber bands. I think the worst will be when I am in the in between stage of not really looking pregnant and just looking chubby. Oh well, I will probably only be pregnant once or twice in my life - I am enjoying it all!

Workouts are also going better....I have also done cardio last two days early in the morning. I wanted to workout last night but we went to the grocery store and that took forever since we were stockpiling and I slept REALLY bad Sunday night with anticipation of coming back to work so I went to sleep at 9am instead of lifting. Tonight I will get back on a regular lifting schedule and start with Shoulders/Triceps.

Oh and a SUPER QUICK cooking tip for those of you who eat poached eggs....add a tablespoon of white vinegar to the water while it is boiling before you add the eggs. It prevents the eggs from getting really stringy. And I usually do two eggs and one white. SOOOOO good. I even have the hubby eating them. YUM!

Have a great day all!


April said...

I can't wait to find out the sex! How exciting! LOL!

Oh yes, Monica Brant is THE all time best figure competitor in my opinion ;)

Raechelle said...

Love Monica! Thanks for the egg tip ;-)

B said...

yes please show a pic of you- I haver a good record of guessing the sex when I look at a pregnant lady! LOL

I love the colour of that suit Monica is wearing I plan on wearing blue for my first comp. Can't wait to see her at the arnold!!!

glad you are feeling good I heard that a woman if already eating a healthy diet only needs to add an additional 200 cals a day for baby?? again I guess this depends on what her diet was.

Jessica said...

Super clean = super hungry

I feel your paaaainn.

Krissa said...

I just had a whole message that got deleted!!! Grrrr...

Shorter version:

Do you two have any names picked out?

I look forward to knowing if you are going to have a little Jessica or a little Jody. :)

Good thing we live when we do cause the maternity clothes are so darn cute! :)