Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sundays....Love Em/Hate Em? And Gender Decision!!

Happy Sunday everyone!

How do YOU feel about Sundays? Do you love them? Hate them? I have mixed feelings. I usually struggle toward the end of the day when I start thinking about going back to work. And I have to make sure I plan well for what I want to accomplish during the day otherwise I spend a lot of wasted time.

Today, I definitely had some wasted time. Didn't check to see what time the gym opened and so I got to the gym at 10:30 only to find out that it doesn't open until NOON on Sundays. So I decided to go to the office and get some work done...I DID get some work done but about 3/4 of the day home (20 minutes), I realized I left my phone at the office and had to turn back around. I had planned on going to the gym before my massage at 2pm but b/c I left my phone at the office I wasn't able to workout before the massage. Now it is after the massage and who wants to workout AFTER? NOT ME! I am going to have to muster it up though....I made a commitment to myself and I am keeping it. :)

Regardless, I definitely need to have a better plan in place next weekend so I don't feel so frustrated! BAM! Attack! Attack!

Anyhoozle, I was really happy with my compliance on eating this week. I am following Dr. John Berardi's 90% compliance concept/recommendation, whatever. Which means if you eat 42 meals a week (6 meals over 7 days) you can miss or not comply on 38 of those meals. This week my goal was 40% carbs, 30% protein and 30% fats. I complied on 40 of my 42 meals and I am PUMPED!! I ate off plan Friday night and this afternoon. LOVE this system...what was great was that I made it through the entire week with 100% compliance so that meant I could have all my cheat meals over the weekend. HELLS YEAH! :)

As for my workouts: I got in 7, yes 7 cardio workouts but only 3 lifting workouts. I am thinking about switching to total body workouts. I am really not trying to add mass and want to get in MORE lifting which seems to be a challenge with the traditional body part split. Something I might consider....WHO KNOWS!

All right guys....we asked A LOT of people, talked a lot about it as a couple and of course, considered all of your suggestions/thoughts on the issue of whether or not to find out the gender of the child. We had some great arguments BOTH ways but we have decided......................




We're going to wait!!!

The main arguments that got us were the following:

  1. It is the ONE suprise in life where the outcome TRULY doesn't matter.
  2. It will make the day even MORE special for us to find out after the end of a long delivery! :) One of our good friends has two kids, they found out on one and waited on the other. They LOVED not knowing and the excitement of finding out during delivery. It gave him, as the hubby, the wonderful role of running out of the delivery room and shouting "It's a _____"! This really pulled at my heart strings!
  3. We will truly get the things we need. Not blue or pink baby clothes someone else thinks are adorable! One of my girlfriends said it was great because at the shower they played guessing games on what she was carrying and they even started a pool. :)
I know, there are lots of you out there who may disagree but I think it is going to be LOTS of fun waiting!

You guys will of course be amond the first to know!! :)

Have a GREAT week everyone! Acheive your goals...reach your potential.


Marissa said...

Awesome job on your eating!! If I would have been disciplined and know what I know now when I was prego, I probably wouldn't be struggling so much with losing my belly fat! LOL So congrats!! And how exciting with your decision to wait on the sex of the baby. Just watch out for those 4D ultrasounds. They are so awesome, but if you happen to grace by the little parts you'll probably know what it is! LOL

Best Wishes to you!

April said...

I love Sundays but feel the same as you and it means work is tomorrow so blah.

Hey it's yours and Jodi's decision so no one can say anything :)

Plus it'll be fun looking at your big ol bump and deciding if it's a girl or boy ;)

April said...

I think I spelled his name wrong...sorry. I'm use to my friend Jodi.

Kelly Olexa said...

Great job girl. And I'm so psyched you guys are waiting! It will be so awesome to find out!! ;-)


Jessica said...

Thanks guys! Marissa - you will get there! Promise! :)

April, it is spelled Jody... but technically it is Joe D (but that is a really long story I will share another day) but you can call him...Jodi...Jodee...doesn't matter! :)

Have a great week guys!

Charlotte Orr said...

Awesome work on the compliance. You have a great week too!

Julie said...

It is DEFINITELY your decision. It drove me crazy when people would try to talk us out of names and stuff when we were preggers. If you ask for input, you should be able to get it without someone making you feel bad about not going with what THEY think is right.

You are doing fantastic with your nutrition and workouts! Keep it up :O)

Jacey said...

Ooo! I love the idea of waiting and yes - imagining Jody running out and announcing "It's a ..." That did it for me, too.

We'll be the among the first to know? Ummm. Can you maybe get Jody to hook up a web cam in the delivery room? Okay - maybe not.


Anonymous said...

Hey Girl! Been reading for a loooong time but have kept my identity private for undisclosed reasons. I have three children and have never found out with them! My son(middle) I had to find out because of complications, and although I was thrilled...the whole "birth" thing was not near as miraculous as the other two were by not knowing! People that say they NEED to know because of decorating purposes? That is just a crock! You're are get what you NEED anyway. And my nursery was very gender neutral..."Dish and Spoon" nursery rhyme...and colors were periwinkle and yellow...mainly for all of them...just buy a lot of, get the idea. They don't start wearing REAL people clothes until they have more body and less neck anyway!!! I'm thrilled for you..and wish that I was pregnant again myself!!! Hugs!

Krissa said...

I am glad you were able to make a final decision. You sound very happy about it and I am happy for you. Who cares what other people think! I may do the same thing when I am pregnant.

I would switch to total body if I were you. You seem to do very well on cardio regardless---every week. 7 sessions is a lot! I think since your goal is to stay in the best shape possible while pregnant and its not to get on a stage anytime soon, total body workouts would benefit you more. Just my opinion though. Who knows. Do what you enjoy.

Jessica said...

You guys are all so awesome! And I am always excited when I get an anonymous to come out of the dark and post! :)

We are very excited about our decision and even after talking to one of my friends last night she further solidified the decision when she said that not knowing motivated her BIG time on getting the baby out of her. No joke! Isn't that funny??

Anyway, thanks so much for the support all!

Krissa, I am going to switch to doing full body - I think you are absolutely right and I am not trying to add mass right now anyway.