Sunday, January 4, 2009

Food, Food and Food!

Well, you have heard me talk A LOT about my workouts but not so much about my eating. So let me give you a play by play of conversations I have had with people recently:

"Are you showing yet?" Random Person
"Maybe a little but I don't know if it is Thanksgiving, Christmas or baby! Ha ha!" Me

I have been eating really super bad. I would say I am eating at about 50% compliance to a healthy and clean eating plan. I am taking my prenatals and definitely still eating every three hours BUT what I am eating is not the best. My quantities aren't out of control but they aren't good either...and there are a lot of reasons for it...the staycation...holidays....pregnant.

My good friend Amber got me an awesome pocket calorie calculator so I can look up and track foods immediately. It is awesome! I am going to use it along with an online tracking system for daily totals. My goal based on my calorie needs, activity level and baby needs is between 1800-2000 a day of clean, healthy, non processed foods. I will track the same way I do with my workouts - daily and focus on compliance at 90% of plan.

Have a great week everyone! I am back to work tomorrow and not excited about it... :( Twelve days off has been heaven!



Amber said...

okay chica! You have to let me know how well it works in case I need to get one for myself :). Great job on the workouts! You've been hitting it consistently and I am so proud of you!!

Kelly Olexa said...

Sweetie give yourself a bit of a break, I'm SURE knowing you, you aren't eating nearly as badly as you think!! XOXO


EM :) said...

Ohhh yes. please keep us posted on the Cal counter. I'm super interested.
well, bummer. Staycation was bound to come to an end! :) sounds like you really enjoyed your time off.

LMAO, I don't know if its thksgivn, xmas or baby! :) Hilarious!!!!!!

I must agree with KO that you're probably eating better than most of us anyway!

Love 2 you and baby~

Krissa said...

Good plan. I have to do the same because it looks like I have a baby bump but I AM NOT PREGNANT! :)

I know you can do it. Are you going to be using FitDay?

Jessica said...

Hey ladies!

I am using the calorie counter combined with the Daily Plate. The calorie counter is awesome b/c it has TONS of restaurants and fast food stuff so I can immediately stop myself from making a bad decision.

The Daily Plate is great and has almost everything in it. Really good stuff.

Keep you posted! :)


Kim said...

Hi Jessica:

What is the name of the Pocket Calorie Calculator that Amber gave you? Is it by Calorie King?



Jacey said...


Jessica said...


It is Calorie Smart and it is by Coheso.

You can find it here:

Again, it is great for on the go.