Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Baby Bump Pics Week 16 and Weekly Recap!

Hey y'all! I FOUND MY SHORTS!! YEAH! So, here are updated baby bump pics...which really don't look that different to me than week 13. But I am definitely FEELING the bump more...like meaning clothes are still getting tighter (DUH!!!). And my hubby said it looks like I am getting thicker through middle but not more of a bump, bump. Does that make sense? I am sure one of these days I will start poking out with a real little critter in there.

Here is a pic of Carla Sanchez at 17 weeks:

Pregger Update:
I have gained 5lbs total and have my next doc appointment in two weeks so we will see what I put on during those two weeks. I am officially into the fourth month (14 to 17 weeks) and actually only have two more weeks in my fourth month. And in FOUR weeks (20 weeks) I will be HALFWAY there. How crazy is that??? I have not felt the baby yet but am anticipating feeling my little peanut in the next couple weeks! Can't WAIT!

Weekly Recap:
  • Monday: Light cardio, 30 minutes
  • Tuesday: 45 minute treadmill @10% incline 4.4 MPH AM; Body Pump 70 minutes + 15 minutes of abs PM
  • Wednesday: Missed AM cardio so 25 minute shoulder workout followed by 45 minute treadmill @ 12% incline 4.4 MPH LUNCH; 45 minute spin, PM
  • Thursday: OFF
  • Friday: 30 minutes cardio AM
  • Saturday: Body Pump + Abs - 70 minutes followed by 45 minutes cardio
  • Sunday: Shoulders & core work - 60 minutes followed by 45 minutes cardio
  • 7 cardio sessions (really only 5 - those half hour sessions were really light)
  • 4 lifting sessions - two Body Pump and two lifting sessions
  • Eating was about 87% compliance so I had about 6 off plan meals. Which is ok...not good, but ok. The extra day off work with MLK day threw me off!
I am pretty happy with my workouts but I got derailed on a couple Body Pump sessions of my own accord. I allowed what was happening with my cherubs schedule to dictate my own. Going forward, I have to get my workouts in - no matter what.

Here is my plan...continue to workout like this as long as I can...I cannot tell you how many women have told me that because they worked out while pregnant, they had much easier deliveries and recoveries. I KNOW I won't always feel the way I do today with energy and mobility, but while I do, I am going to use it to my advantage. My goal is FOUR Body Pump (or similar total body circuit workouts) a week and two lifting sessions (arms and shoulders) along with 5-6 cardio sessions. Again, the goal being total body strength and general fitness. My cardio sessions are uphill treadmill walking or elliptical so low intensity, low impact.

We are getting pummeled by an ice storm here in Arkansas. Our driveway was pure ice last night...couldn't even get the car up the driveway. I did get to the grocery store ahead of time and made a huge batch of my low carb, healthy lasagna. YUMMY! Hubby and I are snuggled in at home...I love ice days...as long as the power stays on! :) South of us they have lost power so that is not good. If you are experiencing the same weather, be careful! Take care of YOU!
Here is a pic outside our front door of the tree in our front yard. HOLY ICE!

I wanted to say a couple things about using POSITIVE LANGUAGE WITH YOURSELF. I cannot tell you how detrimental this is to your progress when your inner dialogue is negative. How many times do you look in the mirror and frown at your love handles or hips? STOP TODAY! Start focusing on the new tone in your arms and the definition starting to show in your quads! Focus on what you are DOING not what you haven't done or what you don't like. Focus on what you like...what looks good. There is so much power in your own mind and being kind and generous to yourself is one of the best motivators in the world because you continue to encourage yourself towards the positive - NOT the negative. Even if it is your eyes or your hairstyle...focus on the positive!

Be patient, be consistent, be good to you.

Love you guys!


Julie said...

I CANNOT wait for you to feel the baby moving around all the time. It is THE most awesome and amazing feeling. Jack had the hiccups a lot so I always had a reminder of him throughout the day. Mai was a roller. I swear it felt like she was just rolling over and over in there. Steve got some great video of her moving around and my tummy would just move in these waves. CRAZY!
I'm so excited for these next couple of months for you as it gets even more real!

Krissa said...

Those are great pics. It is crazy the difference between you and Carla. I doubt you will pop out there like her within the next week.

I bet you will hardly gain anything during this pregnancy and will pop back exactly the same as before. I have a feeling my body will not handle pregnancy so well. You seem to be doing amazing.

I love your positive language advice :) I really need to work on that lately.

Krissa said...


April said...

I think you look thinner this week??

THANKS for that last message. How did you know the only thing I notice is my love handles? I will practice looking at the postives.

Abby said...

Hi Jessica! Yep, the next couple months are definitely the most fun! Enjoy them!! You really do look very very good!

Great advice on looking for the positive and not the negative. I was just thinking earlier today that on my next progress pics I was going to only look for things I thought were looking good, instead of focusing on everything I need to work on!!

Kelly Olexa said...

Workouts are kickin it girl!! Keep it up and you are looking FINE!!! F-I-N-E!! ;-)


EM :) said...

So when does your Pregnancy Fitness book come out, Jess??

SERIOUSLY: YOu are ROCKIN those workouts. More so than Un-preggers women :) (new word)
You're so very inspirational. Babies are still a few YEARS away for us, but I will aspire to work as hard as you do!!!!!

Love the PAISLY pants!
love love~

LAT GIRL said...

Love the baby bump pictures! I swear 16 weeks and you still have
Ab definition, that's crazy......you just look a little thicker in the waist, I could look like that after say 1 beer!

Looking Good Jessica,

Lisa T.

Charlotte Orr said...

Awesome work Jessica, you make me tired just reading all your exercise, LOL. Love the positive part at the end.

Jacey said...

You look great in your pix. I can't believe how much you are working out. WTG!

I wanted to leave a comment on Brian Regan - the comedian. We saw him years ago and my sides hurt so much from laughing - he is great!

Hope your power is still on!

Stef said...

When I was trying to feel my babies move at around 16-20 weeks, I would lie on my tummy with a pillow under my belly while I watched TV or something....I would just feel little flutters! With my first one, I was unsure as to whether I was feeling the baby move or not. With the 2nd one, I knew that was it.


Jessica said...

Hey you guys! A couple thoughts back to each of you:

Julie, Abby and Stef: thank you guys so much for giving me EVEN MORE to look forward to! I know this part is the most BORING part of pregnancy, especially since I haven't had any drama ;) and looking forward to those moments when I realize I am feeling the baby and then actually get to SEE the baby! I can't wait!

Krissa, I HOPE I bounce back and that is one of the reasons I am continuing my workouts like this while I can - I want my body to be strong and lean when I have the baby. If I can keep it up, hopefully the weight will come off quickly and I will feel even more empowered with my baby! :)

April - you focus on how awesome those arms look and your leggies - IGNORE those love handles and know they will disappear when you really need them to.

EM - I am actually thinking about putting some of my thoughts on paper....if I can share my journey with others and inspire them - WOW!

Kelly, Lisa, Charlotte and Jacey - thanks so much for the kind words. I feel so good right now and want to enjoy that momentum while I can! I am LOVING my workouts. They don't feel like work at all. It is weird - they energize me. ;)

Thanks for stopping by y'all!