Saturday, January 17, 2009

Week 14 (and a half) Baby Bump Pics

Happy Saturday my peeps! Check out the newest belly pic above. I think I have a little more of a bump....what do you guys think?? :) Still in all my regular clothes...although pants are getting snug. I have a Bella Band waiting in the wings for when I have to start using it with my pants. Oh, and I got SIX items on Ebay for $23. :) It's all about the timing people! And I am feeling awesome still. I feel so terrible for women who have difficult pregnancies. NO FUN! I am so fortunate!

I hope each and every one of you had a wonderful week! Were you compliant with your meals?? Did you feel good about your workouts? Were they intense? Did you commit to what you planned to achieve?

Let me answer those questions for myself...:) Yes! I was compliant with my meals. I have had two off plan meals so I can have two more today and tomorrow to still be at 90% compliant. I prefer going into the weekend with all my off plan meals available but it is what it is! :) My workouts this week were great. I want to lift today and tomorrow so I can have five lifts under my belt. ;) I am feeling so good about how I feel physically (not how I look necessarily) but how I feel. And it is awesome! My energy is high...workouts feel great. Life is good.

I didn't have a good with with class instructors however....we had some pretty bad classes at the new gym. I like an instructor with hutspa (sp??) and spunk - energy and fire! And what we have been getting is LOW intensity, boring, no spunk. Blah. If I wasn't knocked up I would get certified to teach some of those classes. Man I would have fun. And Les Mills, the group that designs Body Pump, actually has a brochure outlining how to do a Body Pump workout while preggers. Pretty cool.

Will do a weekly recap tomorrow for you guys.

I have to give two shout outs:
  • For those of you who recently experienced a loss.....I am so sorry you lost someone close to prayers and thoughts are with you. Cherishing those people close to you in life and being grateful for all the things we have make those losses less painful and I wish each of you relief from your pain and sadness.
  • I had an "anonymous" person come out of the closet to me who has been following my blog for a long time. But it meant SO incredibly much to me to know the she has been following my journey. She is in AMAZING shape. Like AMAZING. She could get on the figure stage tomorrow and KILL it. Truly. Anyway, she sent me a long email and we have been emailing back and forth and not only do I have a loyal blog follower, I have a new friend! Thank you for being a part of my blog community and sharing so much about yourself in the process! :)
Have a great weekend everyone! Keep that momentum going!!


Julie said...

Have a fun weekend, Jess!

Krissa said...

Yep, I think I see a little bump forming!!

Did you see Marley and Me yet? You will be like her in that movie...have 3 kids and look fantastic through it all and afterwards too.

I really hope I feel like you during my pregnancy. I look forward to KNOWING I have a BABY in my belly. I think it is the most facinating miracle!! I just hope I am not one of those people who stay sick or have to go on bed rest. I want to be able to ENJOY being pregnant.

Good job on your workouts and your diet. You rock.

Kim said...

I wish I looked that good at 14 weeks! :) You are beautiful, on the inside and outside.

Congrats to you and your honey!!

Stacey said...

Definitely more of a bump! So cute! I love that u still workout and eat right. All three times I was pregnant I became a bacon and ice cream eating slob lol!!!! You look great!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the shout-out! You are the sweetest ever and I wish that we were working out together! I think you would kick my tushie!;)

Your baby bump looks so precious! Have to 14 weeks I was wearing leggings and big tops - not because of the belly but because of the ass!

Keep up the fantastic work-outs and remember to not be too harsh on yourself or your body. You are creating a little miracle in there and your body is changing daily to nurture and provide for this sweet baby. Take care of yourself and get lots of rest!(((()))))

Anonymous said...

Definitely more of a bump! So cute! I love that u still workout and eat right. All three times I was pregnant I became a bacon and ice cream eating slob lol!!!! You look great!

Anonymous said...

Oops, sorry for the double post I'm doing this from my phone and it kept giving me error messages and won't let me delet lol :)

LAT GIRL said...

I think I can start to see that little bump! I must say Jessica you look amazing.....enjoy the experience it really does go by fast, can't believe my oldest baby is going too be 12!

Kelly Olexa said...

awww you are looking so good sweetie, and I'm glad that your pregnancy is going smoothly. Gosh I cannot wait to see baby!! ;-)
I had a "B" week with workouts and food. Could be better, but was good. This week is gonna KICK BUTT!!
woot WOOT!!

Skye said...

You look fantastic!!! Great to hear you are going great..... You can see your teeny,tiny bump.....

Your gorgeous,
Skye x

Stef said...

The bump is growing! How cute!!!


Sherry said...

You're so cute. I wish I had pics from my pregnancies when I was a few weeks preggo. I was huge! Especially with the last one because I had an appendectomy just before giving birth and my muscles were relaxed (from being cut open) and I was showing at like 11 weeks. If I EVER have another child (don't plan on it) I want to be like you. You're so inspiring. Most women ( pregnancy as an excuse to sit around and eat. You're awesome!