Sunday, January 25, 2009

Super Shorty (No, Not My Height :))

Hey guys...I am SUPER bummed because I can't find my blue paisley shorts that I used for the last two baby bump pics...and now it is time for a progress pic and I can't find them!! AHHHHHH!!!!

A couple things I will have for you tomorrow:
1. Baby bump progress pic (possibly in the grubby green shorts bleh)
2. Weekly recap and weekly goals
3. Some general ramblings about life. :)

Sorry I haven't posted much this week - it was a crazy end of week and weekend. We went and saw Brian Regan tonight and I LOVE that guy. Check out his skit on going to the emergency room. He was so friggin funny face hurt from laughing so much...and I am sure the baby loved the laugh ride! :)

Love you guys have a great Monday!


Tressa said...

jeremy & i saw him last yr!! love him too b/c he's PG! that's awesome :)

Anonymous said...

He IS hilarious!!! Can't wait for baby bump pics!! (Hope you find your shorts, too!)

LeAnn said...

Did you find your shorts yet, silly girl? Maybe I need to go buy you some cute lil' Under Armour shorts with a drawstring that you can wear after baby too!;)
That just gave me an idea! Does UnderArmour have maternity wear? They should!!!

Jessica said...

Hey ladies! Yes, Brian Regan is awesome. And very PG.

I found my shorts so see updated Baby Bump pics on today's blog!

LeAnn my GIRL! ;) Under Armour does not but they should. I am thinking i am going to have to do low cut drawstring workout shorts.

Maybe you and I should quit our jobs and design maternity workout wear!!! How much fun would that be?? :)


Anonymous said...

LOVE Brian! My son and I saw him last year...hilarious!