Thursday, January 8, 2009

First Baby Bump Pics

8 Weeks (green shorts) AND 13 Weeks (blue shorts)

All right you they are.... :) Please not that I will be wearing the BLUE shorts and top from here on out - the green ones are just yucky. And I am taking these in the morning after a workout and with NO make up on. And the 8 weeks out pic I had to do a little Paint modification with on my belly because there is a really bad shadow (we have rectified that now and are doing the pics a different way) so I deleted the shadow so you could see the actual difference. WITH the shadow the 8 week pic actually didn't look any different. I think I have a little baby bump at 13 weeks! My little bird is in there growing like crazy! The baby is 3 inches and the size of a peach! :) How cute. My little peach is a peach. I will be taking pics every week from here on out.

My workouts have been awesome this week -getting cardio in EVERY morning. It is so awesome. And the DH has also decided to start waking up early (6:15 or so) and so he walks the doggie with me after morning cardio which is so awesome. I only lifted on Tuesday so far but will lift the rest of the week since my goal is 90% compliance to my plan which equals 5 days a week! And I can't tell you all how much I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE The Daily Plate. It was having some server issues earlier this week and I was not loving it...but they are fixed now. EVERY food I eat is already entered in so I haven't had to log in anything. And they have a super simple process for adding the foods you eat all the time which for me, I eat pretty much the same thing every day with the exception of lunch. It has been such a help in eating good this week. We also got a crock pot which I am loving. Tonight I have beef stew waiting for me. YUMMMY! It is making for EASY dinner prep and great lunches.

I am struggling with gaining weight guys. I have only gained 3lbs but still, it is hard to gain weight and be "ok" with it because of the baby. I know the day will come when I don't really look preganant but look chubby and that will be a tough one. Let's face it, you have to put your vanity on the shelf when you get knocked up. Or at least I have to embrace being a sexy pregnant! I know, I know...I am pregnant...just deal with it...but it is still hard. I am focusing on working out, eating healthy and getting lots of rest.

Other big news....the hubby and I heard powerful arguments from TWO different people that we should WAIT and not find out the sex of our child until delivery. I guess I had never CONSIDERED not finding out. One of the people who convinced me said: "This is the ONE suprise in life where the outcome TRULY doesn't matter" and the other person who played a huge role in our decision was someone who said: "We have two kids - found out on the first and didn't on the second. The second delivery was so much more special and exciting". So, I would love to hear opinions out there...I am sure some of you momma's have them...we had planned on decorating the room in bright, non gender specific colors anyway so that isn't an issue. And I have NO problem forcing people who want to buy us gifts to buy us NON baby clothes stuff. :)

That's all I have for today! Love you guys! The week is almost over! Woo hoo!



Julie said...

You look AWESOME!!
If there is any advice I can give you on today's post, it is to totally embrace being pregnant. Wear cute PREGGO clothes and show off your tummy and don't fret about any of it, even the chubby phase.

There is NO WAY I could have waited that long without knowing the sex. I think one advantage of knowing was that we picked out names pretty early and Steve was able to feel more a part of it all and get excited and talk to my tummy and really feel like he knew who he was talking to. It can be really hard on the guys because they get to experience so little in comparison to us. Just a thought from our experience.
You look GREAT!

Jessica said...

Yay I'm glad you like the Daily Plate - I cannot live without it. I don't know what I'm going to do when I go home without internet. UGH!

& yay for baby bump pictures! I think if I were to ever had a kid (way too young right now!) I would wait...

just because. What a surprise it would be!

Anonymous said...

OK - that is the first time I have ever seen someone who has ab definition AND a little baby bump. You look awesome!

I don't have kids but if I were pregnant, I think I would rather wait and be surprised. It would be hard to wait, but I think it would be more fun.

Krissa said...

LOVE THE PICS! You are such a naturally pretty person. I agree with Jacey--still have ab definition.

I have never been pregnant so it is hard to offer any advice. I love everything Julie said. I think you will wind up with LOTS of yellow and green presents if you do not know the sex. I think you will be just as surprised with an ulrasound---it will be very special that way too. You should get one of those new 4D ultrasounds!!!! That would be awesome. I always thought I would connect more with the thing growing if I knew what gender it was---because I would talk to it more. Weird--I cant explain it.

I understand you on the weight gain thing. Once again, never been there but I can imagine. I HAVE to lose weight before I get pregnant or I will be VERY uncomfortable and probably impossible to live with. You are in GREAT shape to start with so that really helps. I wont tell you to "deal with it" because I know it will be a challenge. I looked at Julies pictures like 1000 times--I kept telling Andy that if I looked like her while pregnant---he could knock me up 10 times! :)

Anonymous said...

You look great! Like Julie said embrace being pregnant because it goes soo fast!
We did not find out what we were having with our first two kids. Especially the first one I wanted to wait. I thought maybe that would help motivate me during delivery (I was NOT thinking about that during delivery) but it was fun waiting. Now with the 3rd, we already had one of each so we found out. It was fun because the other two helped pick out his name and they would put a bouncy ball on my stomach and see how long it took for him to kick it off! There is definitely pluses to both! I can't wait to see what you decide!
Good job on getting in all your cardio this week!

Kelly Olexa said...

First, you look great, awesome. You are only going to look better. You will be an amazing mom and both of you will be amazing parents. I never wanted kids but if I did get pregnant, I would wait. Not sure why.

Stef said...

Looking great there, Ms. Mom2B!


I DID NOT know the sex of either of my daughters before they were born. Both times my (former)husband and I thought I was having a boy. We were truly surprised, in a good way!

I got some pretty neutral shower gifts, but tons of girly things after.

I as soooooo glad we did not know! Also, it was so much fun after their births calling and telling everyone what we had.


Abby said...

You look great!

We found out the sex with both of our kids. Neither of us wanted to wait! I don't think it made the deliveries any less special. Once that baby arrives, it doesn't matter whether you knew ahead of time or not. Depends how much you like to be surprised! :)

We took weekly pictures too. It's so much fun to look back and see your progress!

Cathy said...

You look fantastic chica! And you are a sexy pregnant. The body image thing is tough. I certainly experienced it with both of my pregnancies. I suggest focusing on the positive things, the things you are grateful for and any negative emotions will vanish. regard to the sex identity....I did not know with the first and I didn't like it. I did know with the second and it was cool. I would talk to her in utero, call her by her name and we bonded even before she was born.

Jessica said...

Thanks so much guys for all the kind and sweet comments! I think it is probably extra hard for physique athletes do deal with the pregnancy pounds. And of course, it would be awesome during the in between periods to be able to wear a shirt that said: "I'm pregnant not just chubby" but you guys are all absolutely RIGHT I should embrace it! Be sexy and saucy!

Stay tuned for my blog post later today to find out what our decision is on the sex of the little critter growing inside me! :)

Off to the gym for leggies and cardio! Catch you guys later!


Sherry said...

I HAD to find out. I can not stand NOT knowing. But I am the type that will skip to the end of the book to find out what happens, then go back to read the rest. It takes a lot for me to NOT skip ahead. So congrats to you for deciding to wait. You're much stronger than I! Because someone told me "it's a suprise whether you find out at month 5 or 9" that was my justification to find out. But your justification sounds so much better!