Sunday, November 30, 2008

Back Home and Sicky :(

Hey y'all! I hope by now you have all put your Thanksgiving guilt behind you and you are focusing on your plans for this week! I am doing exactly that....but first a recap of the holiday week. :)

  • Thursday: Turkey Trot and relaxation with the family
  • Friday: Recovering from Turkey Trot (good GOD my legs were toast from those hills)
  • Saturday: Running around, movie, shopping, bowling, karaoke and DANCING! Hours of dancing
  • Sunday: Drive home - and not feeling so hot at the moment

So, as you can see, not so many workouts during my holiday break. In fact, I would say just one good one - the run.

And I also ate Taco Pizza. Has anyone else ever had Taco Pizza from Happy Joes? It is WONDERFUL! And very bad for you but it is one of those things that is SOOOOOO worth it. Imagine, thick and yummy crust, a marinara/bean pizza sauce base, Italian sausage and ground beef, cheese - baked until piping hot. Then, once out of the oven, lettuce and tomato's are sprinkled on top. AND THEN crushed Doritos are sprinked on top of all that. It is SOOOO good. Really. Trust me. So, I had that on Friday night and it was fantastical.

Right now, I am planning my week - workouts, food, etc. And shortly after I wrap that I up I will be heading to the grocery store to purchase all my food for the week and do some quick food prep. I will do the majority of it tomorrow night.

I feel like dukie - literally started feeling very mucusy on the ride home and when I stepped in the house I started aching. So, might have a little bug I am fighting off. I am confident it has to do with the fact that I have been eating like crap. I never do well with refined sugar - my immune system takes a poop when I eat sugar. So tonight it is all about hot tea, vitamin c and a bath.

Oh, and planning my week. :) I can't stress enough to each of you how important it is to review your goals and incorporate them into your daily to-do list. Make sure that each of those items relates back to your goals. Remember there is only one way to eat an elephant - one bite at a time. :)

Have a great week everyone and I will vlog soon. Promise.

Oh, and check out the pregnancy time line lapse video I was telling you guys about. It is pretty cool huh?? We just ordered a new camera that should be here this week and we will start creating our own time line. Fun times.



Krissa said...

I love that gestational video. I will be doing one of those for sure whenever I get preggo.

Hope however you are feeling goes is only because of the food (which sounds AWESOME!) and is gone in the morning.

I grew up on Tamales from a can and we would eat the with Doritos! YUM! No wonder I have trouble with my weight :)

Have a great week!

Evelyne said...

That video is cool. Hope you aren't coming down with something. Feel better soon!

My Year Without said...

My system used to freak out when I ate sugar, too. But now I have gone all year without it and feel so much better! It sounds like you are aiming for a fit, nutritional pregnancy....I would highly recommend cutting out at least some of the sugar. It is so easy to substitute honey or fruit juice or date sugar, etc. in place of sugar.
It would be interesting to you, I'm sure, to try out different approaches to catering to that sweet tooth. I still have a sweet tooth...I just feed it honey or fruit usually!

Visionquester said...

Hey Jessica... I LOVE Taco Pizza! Pizza Hut makes a killer one too.

Yeah... get some rest...hope you feel better.

Love the time lapse video... that would have been cool to do that with the kid too once he's born.


Jacey said...

Cool video! Can't wait to see yours. Hope you are feeling better. Take it easy...

Jessica said...

OMG, sugar is terrible and the funny thing is, it triggers my asthma so literally the only times I eat it are over the holidays and occasionally (like twice a year) at dinner. But I can literally feel my immune system get sluggish. Yuck!

Thanks ladies and glad you liked the video. Will be making my own soon! :)