Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Democracy and 7 Things (You Got Me Kelly :))

This is a democracy, so after all your comments and input, I will be keeping the same blog! You guys are already following this one and I think Jacey said it best: it WILL be the Juice is Worth the Squeeze when I give birth to something the size of a bowling ball! :) I will probably start another one with baby only updates for friends and family - great idea Lynnde. :)

So, Kelly tagged me and I am supposed to give you the 7 random things that you might not know about me. :)

  1. I was on the cover of Parenting magazine when I was like 8 or 9. My dad submitted a photo of me and he won the contest and I was on the front cover. I do not have the picture (will see if I can get it next time I see him).
  2. I hate centipedes. Hate them. Best way to kill them is to spray them with Lysol - because they are fast, the Lysol eventually kills them no matter what crack or crevice they get into! :)
  3. I love magazines - love them. And when I get them, I have to be the first person to flip through every page - if someone else does it in front of me, it really bothers me. And I don't really look at every page but I go through every page.
  4. I love old 80's 90's movies - Breakfast Club, Pretty In Pink, Legend, Neverending Story, Night of the Comet (awesome B movie). And further, I love the 80's.
  5. On Saturday and Sunday mornings, I LIVE for sitting on the couch and having coffee with my hubby (that's gonna change huh??).
  6. I eat a fresh cut green bell pepper every day.
  7. I have asthma.
That's all I have! :)

Soon to come, the first buff baby blog. :)



Anonymous said...

Great stuff! BTW - thanks!

Kelly Olexa said...

I am the SAME EXACT WAY ABOUT MAGAZINES!! AND when I travel, and some dope next to me tries to read over my shoulder


Anonymous said...

I'm funny about my mags too. They have to remain neat and new looking. And I can't throw away those inserts until I pass the page they are inserted at.