Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Weekly Recap, Dr. Appt and House Guest

Happy hump day all! The lovely and talented Cynthia Herndon above whom I have to pay hommage to for her bad assness. :)

But I guess today isn't really a "hump" day since tomorrow is a holiday. :) Technically Tuesday was the hump day. Sweet. I actually only have 17 more days of work until my 12 day staycation. How awesome is that??? :) I love the staycation and this year it is all about organizing every room of the house - going through everything to get myself as organized as possible before baby.

Anyhoo, on to more important things. Michelle Anderson emailed me!! How cool is that? I sent her an email and asked her what her training schedule was like when she was preggers and she sent me a long email in response. Awesome, just awesome. But her story is so amazing - had a really hard time with high blood pressure and diabetes in her 3rd trimester so she had to take it super easy but she worked out up until 6 months. She weighed like 188lbs when she delivered. And now look at her. Wow is all I can say.

We have had a very "interesting" house guest since Friday night, a friend of the hubby's from college. He actually left yesterday but let me just put it to you this way he talks NON-STOP. Lke not just chatty but everything he was thinking he would say. Anyhoo, he was supposed to leave Sunday morning early but lost his keys and didn't leave until yesterday morning - that would be Tuesday. So Jody and I pretty much felt like we were prisoners in our own home. And I couldn't workout in my workout room b/c the spare bedroom is right next to exercise room. Grrr. Oh well, it is over. We had a wonderful night last night just the two of us before we head to Iowa for the holiday.

I had my first doc appointment yesterday. But it was really just to run tests - not to actually SEE the doc. Which sucks because I was hoping she could check me out more fully. :) But I will be 11 weeks when she sees me so we will get to hear the baby's heart beat (or beats) and she can give me the full scope out in case I got two little critters in there. :) My hcGG hormone (the one you get when you are preggers) is through the roof - when the lab did my pregnancy test she dropped urine on the tester and literally 1.5 seconds later it turned positive. She said it was one of the fastest positive results she has seen. I think that means my Native American name right now would be "Stands with Strong Hormones". :) Kidding. I asked about exercising again (Cynthia this is for you) and the nurse practitioner asked what my current routine is like so I told her and she said keep it up - it is great for me. She just said to listen to my body and adjust as needed.

The biggest change outside of the newly increased size of my boobs is the sleepiness at night. It went away for a couple weeks and it is back again. I am totally going to have to commit to workouts in the morning because I don't think I can muster the eveining workouts like I used to - or maybe over lunch too. But how lucky am I that I don't have an ounce of morning sickness? Lucky, I tell ya.

Below is my workout recap for last week and I just want to give a HUGE shout out to Krissa who last week when I was complaining about my 4 measly workout days, she said: HEY! That is FOUR days you DID workout!! And that is absolutely right! Thank you Krissa!

I will post a Thanksgiving Day post tomorrow - might even do a VLOG with my family. :) Love you guys!

Week of November 17th

Leg workout - 90 minutes
Tuesday: HIIT 30 minutes AM; 45 minute shoulder workout PM
Wednesday: OFF :( Just 2 fast paced doggie walks
Thursday: OFF :( Just 2 fast paced doggie walks
Friday: OFF :( Just 2 fast paced doggie walks
Saturday: Legs - 90 minutes AM; Shoulders/Tris - 60 mins PM
Sunday: 5.5 mile trail run with Amber - AM; abs PM


Visionquester said...

Jess.. did you put my pic up there so I wouldn't be jealous of Michelle? How sweet...

Hey.. I'll do the listening to your body, ok? That's my job.

"Thanks" so much for "Giving" the awesome testimonial on Vision Quest II.. I think only 2 people saw it....

Take care mommy... Those boobs are going to be a lot heavier once there is a kid hanging off of them...enjoy them now, while they are small.

Happy Thanksgiving once again,

Kelly Olexa said...

I was just saying the same thing about needing to workout in the mornings...I just don't have it in me in the evenings anymore...or at least it takes a WHOLE LOTTA EFFORT to get it going.....I'm so old! LOL

Happy Turkey Day Mommy J!!


Stef said...

I workout in the mornings...ALWAYS! And I love it!
Happy Thanksgiving!!!


Anonymous said...

It is my first time to comment, but I just wanted to say congrats! I have 4 yr old twin boys and the high hormones were the first red flag...then the extreme sleepiness that hit about 8 wks in. I worked out the entire pregnancy and only gained 30 lb. The hospital staff was amazed at how strong I was and what an easy delivery I had so keep doing what you're doing!


Jessica said...

Hi Angie! Just wanted to thank you for stopping by and commenting! Especially about the twins. :) I am going to keep rocking and rolling girl! Thanks again for stopping by!

And C, Kelly and Stef - thanks for being such awesome support ladies!