Wednesday, November 12, 2008

New Blog Look - Time to Talk Baby!

Ok guys, it is time to talk baby. :) I am about 5 weeks along (see the baby ticker on the right hand side of my blog). I actually know the exact date of conception - October 23rd (5 years and 2 days after Jody told me he loved me for the very first time) but they count it as starting from your the first day of your last period (sorry Fikenator and any other boys reading this! :)). Here is what has happened so far:
  • I was slightly nauseous the first two weeks (this was the same time I was convincing the DH I was preggers and he was telling me I was being paranoid - ha, showed him! :)) but no morning sickness and now it has pretty much gone away (how awesome would it be if that is all I had for morning sickness???? I know, I am probably being VERY unrealistic but you can't blame a girl for trying!
  • Boobs are starting to get a little sore but if I have gained any weight (and I don't think I really have - maybe a half a pound or a pound) it is in my boobs. They are starting to come out of the bra. Yes Cynthia, this is gonna be funny for you!
  • My workouts were not very good last week - I really already knew I was preggers and it was really distracting me. Hard to put all your energy and effort into a hard workout when you are totally preoccupied with weather or not you are pregnant. And I was really tired the first two weeks.
So, here is the scoop - I am absolutely positively thrilled to be preggers. We had been casually talking about it for a year or so but had never really come to a decision...just chatted about it. We are a super active couple and just never slowed down to really consider it. I guess that is why we actually GOT preggers - it was meant to be and someone had to make the decision for us. :)

While I am thrilled to be pregnant, I also want to take really good care of my body. I have worked hard over the last few years to build muscle, keep my body fat in a range that is reasonable and have endurance and strength. I want to maintain my muscle, stay as fit as possible and gain a healthy/reasonable amount of weight.

Am I freaked out about blowing up? YES!! Hello! But I also know I can be healthy during this pregnancy and not gain more than my body needs. In the first 5 weeks I have eaten 5-6 meals a day - all well balanced. I have had a few cheat meals...nothing crazy.

Here is my inspiration...her name is Julie and the first two pics are her at 8 months and the last one is her at 9 months (THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU JULIE for sharing your pics and info!). Can you believe that???? Her blog is listed on the right and she is truly an inspiration. Here is her training routine while preggers: 45 minutes steady state cardio (treadmill incline walking for 45 minutes) and weight lifting 3x a week. Her nutrition was Body for Life style but with more food overall at each meal depending on appetite.

How AWESOME does she look???? AMAZING! Great job Julie!

I can't WAIT to post MY pics. No no, I WILL post my own fit pics at 9 months!

For those of you worried about me working out while pregnant, I have done a lot of reading and research: the don't get your heart rate over 140 bpm is out of date and there is lots of evidence that women who exercise their entire pregnancy. Any of you reading this who have had your own experience, please share.

The key is that you shouldn't START a new training program while pregnant but you can keep exercising at the same level - especially in the first trimester. Moving into the 2nd and 3rd I just have to be careful and pay attention to what my body is telling me.

So what have I done since I have had a bun in the oven:
  • That KILLER leg workout with Amber
  • A bunch of other workouts - running, lifting, sprinting, etc.
  • Abs
I will keep posting my workouts on the right hand side of the screen and do weekly recaps. My plan is to workout at my regular level for first trimester and then start to scale back intensity in 2nd trimester. So first trimester, some short HIIT sessions (like 15-20 minutes), lifting 5-6 days a week, some steady state cardio. Definitely abs (can do them for the whole first tri) because the abs will be such an important part of giving birth. Remember, there will be a few months where I will really have to scale back so I want to take advantage of the ease of first trimester.

What else do you guys want to know??? TALK TO ME! :)

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! I am going to have a baby! Whoa.

Love you guys!

P.S. Tell me what you think of the new layout - I am not sure what I think about it. :)


Kelly Olexa said...

Love the new look chick and I'm glad you will be blogging along the way; it will be great for you to look back and remember this journey!

;-) So happy for you.



Julie said...

YOU are going to be a great, fit, new mama!!

Visionquester said...

I would ask your baby doctor and do what he or she says.


Visionquester said...

I should probably throw in that I know you will do this anyway...


Can't wait to find out what all stuff you guys will be doing for the baby..playing music, water birth, attachment parenting, or whatever the heck they do these days for the little ones... 'cause I have been out of the baby loop for a while.


Anonymous said...

GREAT first baby post! LOVE the new look too! How exciting this is going to be. LOVE the pics too, she looks awesome!

April said...

Love the new look and someday maybe...just maybe, i'll be posting your preggo pictures for inspriation! Okay, maybe not me but YOU are gonna inspire girls to stay fit throughout!!!!

B said...

Congratulations!! to you both

I have no doubt that a woman in fitness like yourself will show everyone how a pregnancy can be healthy and fit.

and the new look is great!

Power Authority said...

Wow. I love the shout out. Since I have a 4yo, I am ok with all the swelling talks, feeling talks, stomach talks, etc.

Post weekly pics of progress in a double bicep pump with belly showing.

lynnde said...

I love your new layout! You will be just fine while working out while you are pregnant. I worked out often when I was pregnant with number 1 baby and ended up weighing less then what I did when I first got pregnant! I am so happy for you!!

Cathy said...

So happy for you!! Remember I ran for 8 months of both pregnancies. I was very fit and felt great. My OB loved that I kept in shape. I am certain you will and I think it is awesome.
I head to Fl tomorow for NGA Pro Universe!!
Looking forward to some sunshine.



Krissa said...

I also like the new layout.

You are very right. It is okay to keep up with your previous exercise during pregnancy. (of course talk with you MD) In nursing school, we were taught how GOOD it was when the woman continued her same routine--WAY more energy and an easier birthing process.

You will be just as fit. She does look awesome. said...

You are right on track girl! And boy, i can relate. I placed 2nd at a Pro Qualifier in 2005, and i was all pumped to return the following year to try for my Pro card and after 8+ weeks of dieting and hitting 10% BF, I wasn't changing anymore, got really sick, and found out i was preggo!! I can't WAIT to see your journey . . . you'll be such an inspiration to moms everywhere!! ;)