Saturday, November 22, 2008

Double Day and Twins?

Hey y'all! Happy Saturday! I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend! :) Pic above is of Noel Clark from Lean Bodies Fitness at Nationals today. I haven't seen final results but don't think they are up yet. Best of luck to all our girls out there!

I gotta be honest, I had a crappy workout week. I CHOSE to take off three days. I will do an assessment tomorrow (with an accompanying VLOG on the assessment) but mentally I have struggled to get there. I know, I know - I have a lot on my mind - new baby and all that crap but I think having my goal of competing in Kentucky threw me off. I like to have a plan. I had a plan and my hubby knocked me up. Hee hee.

So, it is time for a new plan. One I can adhere to. And to Cynthia's blog about bad habits, one of mine is putting off my workout. Not accceptable. I do think my energy level has dipped a bit but that could just be from not working out as much. I have always had this problem - unless I am organized and have a plan, I just put it off. Silly, silly, silly.

Today, to make up for this week, I did two workouts. The first was an hour of high intensity leg circuits: squats, burpees, step ups, lunges, kick backs, hack squats, romanian split squats, steps ups again, speed skaters. It was awesome. Then later I did shoulders and tris. I took a nap today too - gave body and baby lots of recovery time.

Tomorrow will be back and biceps and a run at the lake along with some core and abs. And I will work my plan. It is kind of tough because my body wasn't where I wanted it to be before I got pregnant (which is probably also WHY I was able to get pregnant - higher bf percentage) so it is weird to train: am I training to lose fat? to gain muscle? to maintain muscle? to get leaner in the areas I can? I don't know. But putting a plan in place is key. And obviously making sure I do everything to take care of little one.

I have my first doc appt on Tuesday although I have talked to my doc already about exercise. It is encouraged. Yeah! But I am curious to find out more. One of my friends who I think is mildly psychic (?) said she thinks we are having twins. WHOA! Now I have that crazy thought running around in my head. :)

All right ladies...I hope all those girls at Muscle in the City are ROCKIN the HOUSE! And more tomorrow!

Love you guys!


Stef said...

Well, I am gonna give you my opinion, although I am not a professional, by any means.

I guess if it were me being preggers, I would either use this opportunity to maintain or GAIN muscle, considering your appetite might increase, which would be good for muscle gains. That is just my hairbrained idea.

Actually, Cynthia might be able to give better advice, or you could email Michellefit.


Kelly Olexa said...

Twins?? Did I miss something?



Stef said...

Hey again.

I have really been thinking about your post and the comment you left on VQIII. I think that Michelle Anderson might be the person to email ( I know I already said this), but she competed severel years ago, then got preggers and competed again. She is full of knowledge and sooooo approachalbe. She has always been very quick to email me back and gives such great info and insight.


Jessica said...

Stef - thanks so much girl! I actually sent her an email and while I haven't heard back from her yet, I am sure I will. I think you are spot on about being able to gain muscle. More than anything, I am just going to make sure the baby is healthy.

Some of those questions were more rhetorical - I guess I am just adjusting to the change of not having a goal other than bringing a healthy baby into the world. ;)

Kelly - you didn't miss anything other than a friend of mine has a feeling it is twins. I won't know till ultrasound. :) How funny would that be?


Visionquester said...

Yeah.. what Stef said... take the opportunity to gain musle... cause when little Cinbad is born.. you'll definitely want to lose fat ASAP... trust me on this one...


Oh... nevermind.. I just read the part about it being a rhetorical question.

Krissa said...

You exercised 4 days this week. That is great. When you say, "I took 3 days off" you are not giving yourself credit for the 4 days you exercised!!!

Let us know when Michelle emails you back. I would love to know what she thinks.

Noel looks VERY good in that picture.