Sunday, November 9, 2008

Vlog: Withdrawing from March Comp

Hey guys,

I am not going to compete in March....just too much. It is a little longer than my usual vlog but wanted to let you guys know the whys....

Love you guys. :) Thanks for always being there no matter what life brings.


Kelly Olexa said...

HIP hip hooorrraaaayyy!!!

A Trillion hugs and kisses your way you cutie pie momma!!

Soooo happy for you!!


Visionquester said...

Jessica! You are glowing! Congratulations!!! Poor doggie KNOWS he's losing the "top dog" spot.. can see it in his sad doggie eyes.


(Can't wait to see your belly button pop out)

Anna with Revolution said...

congrats! Amazing. Beautiful News!
I think I just de-lurked!

EM :) said...

GLORY TO GOD!!!!!!!!!!
OH Jess This is soooooooooo so wonderful!
Thank you for sharing this fabulous news with us!
Ohhh...great things to come for you and your cutie patutie hubby! Oh, and pablo too!
love you girl and please DOOOO keep us posted!

Cathy said...

Awesome news !! Congratulations chica!

ps: with both of my pregnancies, I felt good and ran and worked out for the first 8 months.



April said...

When I read your title on my blog roll I thought she was so gung ho I wondered what happened? I guess this is a good excuse ;) I'm so happy for you! Congrats!

I guess we'll all be checking in to see your body change...for a different reason LOL!

Jacey said...

Congratulations!!! That is great news! Wow - your hubby must be all strutting around the house now knowing he got it done in one shot. Too funny! Now the pressure is on your friends.

Seriously - best of luck to you both. And don't stop blogging. I don't know of anyone out there who is into fitness like you are and who blogs thru a pregnancy. I think it would be a great experience for a lot of girls to read about your next 8 months and beyond.

lynnde said...

Congratulations!! I definitely think you should keep vlogging, what a great motivator you will be for other well as proud mommies already.

Muslfetish said...

Haha! Awesome Vlog and big congratulations!

Angela said...


JOLT said...


You should start Blogging the joys of being Pregnant w/ workout and still eating clean.... There is so much to Blog/Vlog about!!!

:-) Super Happy for you awww

Sherry/Shay said...

Congratulations! I've had 3 babies so I know what road you are facing. I would love to view it from your perspective because I gained a LOT of weight and did everything wrong. You would be the first preggo person I *know* to keep working out and eating right. If I ever had more kids (I won't), then I would definitely want to do it right like you!

Congrats again!

Stef said...


Please keep blogging and vlogging. I would love to follow it thru your pregnancy!


Jody said...

Holy cow! You're pregnant???? Whoa!

Evelyne said...

What awesome news!!! I'm so happy for the both of you. You are a great couple and will be great parents! Please don't stop blogging or vlogging, would LOVE to see you through this too! HUGS!!!

Skye said...

Congratulations jessica......You have a wonderful energy,technology is a great thing its so good to be able to see your personality bring on the vlogs i say i might start as well......
Best wishes,
skye xx

Tressa said...

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATS!!! Keep Blog/VLOGING anyway - you don't have to make a new blog (only if you wanted to) you can change the title of this one for awhile???!! Anyway- awesome!!! Best to you & hubby!