Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Thanks So Much and Need Your Help :)

You guys are amazing! Amazing!Thank you all so much for your kind and loving comments! We are so excited! SO excited. And each of you has genuine excitement for us which is beyond what I could ask for! Such a warm and positive environment here in blog land....

I thought I would answer some questions that might be floating around out there and then I have a question for you guys! ;)

Q. How did you get pregnant?
A: Well, besides the obvious birds and the bees thing...I am not on the pill and our normally carefully planned physical expression of love for each other happened to not be so careful. It only takes once! :)

Q: How far along are you and when are you due?
A: About four weeks. Middle of July.

Q: Will you workout while preggers?
A: Hells yeah! Ran 4 miles yesterday morning and did legs this morning. I have been doing a lot of digging and reading and talked to my gyno and because I was working out consistently and intensely before I got preggers, I can keep on working out. Yeah!

Q: How will you eat?
A: I will keep eating clean...and probably a lot better now that I know I am taking care of another little person. I am eating 5-6 meals a day. Whole foods. My food right now is the same since my body doesn't really need more food until I am further along. :)

Q: Why tell everyone before you are past your first tri-mester?
A: I am only telling you guys (no one at work knows I have a blog to decrease weirdness in the work place) and our family and a few friends. I know there is some risk in telling people before we are out of the first trimester but you guys are my people and if something happens (god forbid) to the baby, I will need you guys to lean on too. You are all my family!

So, here is what i need to know from you guys:

Should I just keep this blog and post my baby status updates on this blog or should I start a new blog and then come back to this one after the baby? The reason I would start a new one would be so that once the baby is here I can get back to the JWS (juice worth squeeze) blog and then people who were interested in healthy baby body health could check in on it...

What do you guys think? Post your thoughts in comments please. :)




Krissa said...

OMG! I am so happy for you two. You guys will be awesome parents. This is soooo much cooler than a figure comp. :)

You will have the cutest pregnant belly :) I think pregnant women are so freakin cute!

I see that you have already started another blog? I love the title. YOU HAVE TO KEEP BLOGGING! I would like to see a separate blog from JWS. So it can be all about babies.


You might get a little figure competitor or maybe on of those insane people who like to swim, bike, and run all in one day :)

Praying for you guys

Power Authority said...

Same Blog.. Awesome guys!

lynnde said...

Oh definitely...keep blogging. One or two blogs? Hmmmm, I think you should keep the same blog. You mentioned that your diet is going to get better, because you are caring for your unborn baby....so, what a great example you will be to other moms to be! You can still work out while pregnant (I did with my first born). If you really want you can have another blog devoted to the trials and tribulations on pregnancy.

Julie said...

Such awesome news...and you can totally keep working out while you're pregnant. I got into terrific shape with BFL after BLOWING up during my first pregnancy (which was 9 months of NO exercise and lots of Ben & Jerry's) and then continued on with BFL during my 2nd pregnancy and have pics of me with an 8 month belly and tons of muscles still popping out! It made getting back into shape a cinch!! Stick with it and you'll be so thankful.
ENJOY your pregnancy. I'm so jealous (I miss having a baby so much :o)

Jacey said...

Hmmm... I think you should keep the same blog. Then after the baby is born, create a blog just for your family and baby news.

Plus when you're actually giving birth, you'll really be telling yourself: "This JUICE better be worth this SQUEEZE!" :-)

Evelyne said...

I'm with the majority, keep this blog. This one is about your ups and downs, your life, why seperate it? HUGS! SOOO excited for you!