Monday, November 24, 2008

Fleece is Heaven

Hey kiddies! An early Turkey Day vlog featuring my new zippie jacket. Heaven, glorious heaven.

Love you guys!


Kelly Olexa said...

Cutie-pa-tutie!! Lookin great! How funny is it that what you describe about your midsection and boobs- that's what the Pill did to me...yukkoo, so each day I'm checking out a little less of it I hope. Hormones are amazing aren't they? So glad you aren't nauseated!!
;-) Momma J!!


Anonymous said...

LOVE that fleece. Fleece is so comforting. You look so beautiful, I LOVE your hair. So glad you aren't feeling sick and the boob thing.....they get LOTS bigger! Just a little FYI. ;)

Happy Turkey Day!!

April said...

While you are living through some of us right now i'm living through you! I have always wondered what my body would do if I got pregnant HA! Since our body shapes are similar and we are the same height im anxious. I know everyone is different but I can pretend :D You are so cute and I am happy for you and your husband!

Krissa said...

Love the jacket.

Cant wait to see all the pics.

Have you came up with any names yet?

Julie said...

Awesome idea about documenting the baby body/belly.

Your workouts sound great! Your plan sounds great! Enjoy every change your body goes through - it's gong to happen anyways, might as well enjoy it!!