Saturday, November 15, 2008

Coldplay and More Later

Hey y'all!!

Sorry I have been MIA on the blog front since Wednesday. Everything is fine - me and the baby. We went to see Coldplay last minute in KC and had a wonderful time! If you ever get to see them live - GO FOR IT!

Even had a celebratory baby dinner at Capital Grille - amazing.

More later - going to watch Jody run a 5k. It is too fricken cold for me to run - 34 degrees but feels like 25 with wind chill. YUCK!


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EM :) said...

HEY JESS! Glad you had fun at the concert! Where in KC was it? If it was at the Sprint Center arena, that place is freakin hUGe!!!!!!!!!!
Hope Jody rocked it at his race!

Love love (one for you, one for baby)