Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Role Model # 2 and Pregnancy Musings

Hello my little friends! :)

Hope everyone is awesome! And I know you are cause you are all AWESOME inside and out! Thank you so much for all the kind words of support for Jody! He is super excited and is going to kill Ironman Louisville!

A HUGE shout out to all the girls competing in the Muscle in the City compeition - April, Stacey and Angela - and anyone else I am missing!! You guys all look awesome and you are going to have so much fun!! We will be cheering you along!

Most of you saw the pics of Julie - truly an inspiration to ALL pregnant women! I have found another role model....role model #2! :) Her name is Michelle Anderson and some of you may have seen her You Tube on Cynthia's site. If you haven't, check out her blog - you can find it on my blog roll on the right. Her blog is:

Anyhoo, she gained a lot of weight during her pregnancy - got up to 182lbs and 49 inch hips!!!! After the baby she weighed 155lbs and competed just 7 months after the baby at 123lbs and 7% body fat!! Is that not amazing????? Crazy. Here is a pic of her from that show:

Wow, huh? She is my 2nd role model - and I am sure you can see why! So, I will assess where I'm at after baby and look at shows and set my goal! :) I know, I am jumping the gun but you gotta understand I had JUST made the decision to compete so I was fired up! :) But the baby is such an awesome detour! Amazing blessing!

Speaking of baby, Julie left a comment on yesterday's blog about NOT feeling like I am preggers and YES! that is exactly what it feels like - NORMAL. Completely normal. I am maybe a little more tired at night and even the frequent peeing has subsided. My boobs hurt - and I can tell I am adding weight in the boobal region but that's about it. It is pretty awesome so far. We will see what the next couple of months bring! :)

Love you guys! Keep on rockin EVERY workout and staying on your meal plan! I have been rocking mine and eating so awesome - giving the baby the nutrients we both need! :) Good thing I was already eating good....well, for the most part! Hee hee.



Kelly Olexa said...

Um, yea, I think we need a Jessica VLOG!! ;-)
Glad you are feeling great chica!!

Skye said...

awesome jessica you sound sooo happy....and she looks amazing 7 months after giving birth WOW,
Happy days ahead,skye xx

Stef said...

I love Michelle, too.... I just blogged about her this morning. She is my Girl Crush! LOL


Cathy said...

Hey Chicksta....You sound awesome. I posted some pics from the NGA Pro. The weekend was awesome.

Visionquester said...

I think her and Krissa look alike..
she's got a big ol' picture in Oxygen Magazine January issue.

Everything about competing in figure you can find out via "Chellefit" on Youtube... she is waaayyy scientific. (everything I am not)

Truly someone to be looked up to and admired...


B said...

yes casino roayle is an all time favorite for me! so your right it is hard to live up to that.

and those that come back after preganacy and do a show are even more reason for me not to have excuses to not be able to do

glad your feeling well and excited because it is an exciting time!