Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Ironman and My Weekly Recap

You guys...I am SOOOOO freakin excited to post today I can hardly stand it.

Yesterday something AMAZING happened! Jody signed up for his THIRD (yes, THIRD) Ironman Triathlon. He has been talking about doing another one and missed the sign up for Ironman Florida and thought his window had closed for his goal but ALAS, it has not! Ironman Kentucky - perhaps slightly less well known, still has availability and he SIGNED UP! Here is the link to the Ironman Louiville (Kentucky) website: http://ironman.com/louisville

For those of you who don't know, an Ironman is a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike and a 26.2 mile run! It takes place on August 30th (we will have a 6 week old - WHOA!) and I am so proud of Jody I could almost burst! It is awesome. Did I mention this will be his THIRD Ironman??? So cool.

Please go to his blog: http://jody-slowtwitch.blogspot.com/ and wish him luck on his new goal!

Below is my weekly workout recap! Check it. ;)

Week of November 10th

HIIT 30 minutes AM
Tuesday: AM: Cardio - 20 minutes; PM: 70 minute leg circuits + heavy shoulder workout and abs
Wednesday: Day Off (tired)
Thursday: HIIT 30 minutes AM; 30 minute back workout
Friday: Day Off
Saturday: Shoulders/Triceps - 20 minute jog with doggie
Sunday: 6 mile trail run

Have a great day you guys!

P.S. Nothing happening in baby land. I feel great. I keep waiting to like throw up spontaneously or something. :)


Stef said...

wow! that is an amazing accomplishment! I can't even imagine doing a little triathlon!


Kelly Olexa said...

;-) Sending you hugs baby girl!!


Anonymous said...

Aw, that's awesome!!! YAY for him! I'll go check out his blog too.

Anonymous said...

Good stuff! Like Stef, I cannot imagine competing in a tri. You are gonna look so cute cheering him on with 'Lil Juicer in the baby jogger!

Julie said...

Very cool! I did some smaller tris and a 1/2 IM last year and I'm hooked - they are a blast! My dad wants us to try the full IM when the official one comes to Oregon, which might be next year (gasp!). I will definitely keep up with his blog.

I remember with both pregnancies that I wanted so badly to "feel" pregnant right away. I had no morning sickness at all with my first (boy) and when I had horrible morning sickness with my second, everyone told me it was a girl and they were right! Hm...have you mentioned what you're hoping for? Boy or girl?...oh and wait until he/she gets to do triathlons! My kids did their first last year and it was sooooooooooo cute!

Krissa said...

Good thing he signed up for his race now because once you have kids.....Just kidding. Just thought I would throw that in there cause we all know this isnt true :)

Andy is tempted to do the race again next year too. I think he has decided not to because it takes up so much of his time and it kinda got to us towards the end of it I think. But it was his first one so it kinda consumed him. In a way, I kinda want him to do it because I know he loves it.

We will probably go to the race though since it is 40 minutes from my house. Maybe I can meet you then and cheer him on :)

I LOL at the "throw up spontaneously." You are too funny.

lynnde said...

Congratulations to your hubby for making the committment to participate in his 3rd Ironman! I know you will support him every inch of the way!!

Visionquester said...

That is effing crazy... like a swim, and then like a bike, and then like a marathon??? HOLY shit!!! OOPs.. sorry there is a little one in here I almost forgot.

WOW.. I am super impressed.

At six weeks you will be able to have some celebratory sex when he wins!!!

Jessica said...

Thanks so much you guys!!! You are all awesome!! :)