Sunday, November 16, 2008

I See Pregnant People

Here's the know how when you started working out really hard, you started to notice buff or in shape people more? Like you noticed them before or admired them but then when you first decided to compete you started REALLY noticing - looking at shoulder width, back spread, quad sweep, bicep vein....small butts etc.

Well, I SEE PREGNANT PEOPLE and babies. It is kinda crazy. It is mostly pregnant people but I also see a lot of babies that I didn't see before.

I see them at the grocery store, at the mall, EVERYWHERE. It is funny. At Coldplay there were a bunch of really pregnant girls and that made me so happy - hells yeah I would be at a concert pregnant. The baby can ROCK out. Jody laughs at me...but he is starting to see pregnant people too. And he is being so awesome! Really. Supportive and excited and very sensitive to how my body might be changing. I am a lucky girl.

Workouts this week were pretty good - I took two days off mostly just because we were busy and out of town. I know more than ever I have to get my workouts in in the morning or else I might miss it that day. And I also think my energy level is higher when I workout in the morning - just in general.

That's all I got for today.

Oh, hubby ran a 20:20 5k yesterday. He is SO close to breaking 20 minutes and I just KNOW it is right around the corner! :)

I ran the lake this morning with Amber and the doggie - 6 trail miles and it was glorious. Glorious. Feel great.

Have a great Sunday y'all!


Kelly Olexa said...

I can't wait to see your bump girl!!

Jacey said...

Good times!

Krissa said...

Its like when you learn a new word--you start to hear everyone saying it. How cute. :)

I think pregnant woman are so cute!(for the most part). There are those that just look mad because it was an accident :)

I am so going to love this blog! Something different. Dont get me wrong--I love fitness blogs. But this is way more exciting.

Stef said...

kinda like when you buy a new car....they suddenly are everywhere!!


Visionquester said...

Yeah.. I am with Krissa... a live human is sooo much more climactic than a trophy.

I LOVE babies! As soon as I got mine, I knew right away that I wanted more.


What you said over on Krissa's blog about everyone says that your life is going to change.. it is true.. but I think they mean that you don't realize how much it's going to change for the better.

I didn't get out much because I didn't WANT to leave my bambino..that's what I call him. I couldn't even barely stand to go shopping without him. I cried every day when I had to go back to work also...

Your life WILL change and it has nothing to do with putting the babe in a baby jogger and going about your business... it has everything to do with taking care of yourself so that you can be the best mommy, the best role model possible because you love the babe so much that you just HAVE to because you WANT to.

Plus.. they smell so gosh darned good. Then there's the fuzzy head and the chubby cheeks...

Did that make any kind of sense?

My bambino is 13 now and just did a wonderful thing for his step-dad. He shoveled all of the snow from the blizzard off his truck.... with a metal
$2289.00 later... but hey he meant well and you can't put a price on that, right?


Evelyne said...

Congrats to Hubby on his run, that's awesome! How wonderful that he is being so good to you. I'm so THRILLED for you both!

JOLT said...

I know what you're saying I am very detail oriented person and there are tons of Prago's out there right now or so it seems and well tone people as well.. Anyway, sounds like your hubby is kicking booty at running!!! : -)

Cannot wait to hear more about your bun in oven

Take Care

Jessica said...

Hey ladies!! :) Thanks for all the wonderful comments! I am so excited to share this journey with you! Pumped.

C -

I TOTALLY get what you are saying - totally. And perhaps I am not articulating my frustration well - I guess I just feel like the active part of our life doesn't have to go away because we have a child. I know so many people who just hang it up because they have a child and I am not saying it isn't wonderful and amazing to have a baby to hang with but what I am saying is it doesn't mean you can't still run, bike and play. I am just tired of people saying "You won't be able to do that after you have a kid". Mostly they are referring to the stuff Jody and I did together. There are ways to make it work.

I also love the chubby cheeks. And the baby smell. That stuff is like crack.

The DH truck damage is pretty funny. He meant well. :)

Visionquester said...

Got it.
Those people suck.
Can't means won't.