Saturday, February 2, 2008

Monday's Workout and Weekly Recap

I had a great workout on Monday with is a quick review of what we did and what a butt kicker it was.
  • Warm up for 10 minutes on the elliptical.
  • Abs for about 10 minutes with standard sit ups followed by lower ab holds
  • 8 step dumbbell squats w/15lb, 15 push ups and 15 shoulder presses w/squats, 15 burpees
  • 2 lap run
  • Full lap of walking lunges w/15 lb dumbbells - tight lunges
  • 10 step dumbbell squats w/15 lb dumbbells, 15 push ups and 15 shoulder presses w/squats, 10 15 burpees
  • 2 lap run
  • Full lap of walking reverse lunges w/15 lb dumbbells
  • 12 step dumbbell squats w/15lbs dumbbells, 15 push ups and 15 upright rows in sumo squat, 15 burpees
  • 2 lap run
  • Bench press w/65lbs - 15 reps, 2 lap run (repeat three times)
It was a great workout and unfortunately my only workout this week. While I thought I had avoided my DH's flu, not so. :( I am sure you can all imagine how frustrating it was for me to get sick again. I have never seen anything like this cold and flu season. I called one of my good friends who works in a doctor's office and she said they haven't seen anything like it in their 15 years in business. She said they have been inundated with people with repeat visits for illness. I have been pretty upset and that's why I have been absent from blogging. While I am not officially depressed I have had bouts of sadness and struggle this week...especially after I realized that I haven't felt 100% since about a month after we got the cats (the beginning of August so about 5 months). :( The killer is that I haven't had consistency in my workouts since then and even though I haven't gained a considerable amount of fat or lost a lot of muscle, I am still not where I would be had I not been sick so much. I am considering purchasing a large plastic bubble to live in until the weather gets better and the rest of the world starts to get better.

Oh, and to add to the general germ world we are living in, we have been having 40 degree swings in our weather. For example, on Thursday it was 20 degrees and we got four inches of snow and today it is going to be almost 60. Not cool. :)

I have realized that there seems to be a pretty direct pattern between three things and getting sick: 1) not getting enough sleep, 2) working tons of hours and 3) jumping into intense workouts after being sick.

I am feeling better today and will do some low key cardio and just a straight lifting workout. I will wait another week before I jump back into a Debbie workout.

Sorry I took the week off all - miss you guys!

Shout out to my girl Cynthia who passed her personal training test this week! The rocks it and is going to be an awesome personal trainer!

And check out this interview with Mike Davies on Living Beautiful Radio:

Have a great weekend all!


Anonymous said...

It would be hard to do burpess in a plastic bubble...but fun to watch from the outside! :)

You have had it rough with the colds this winter. Spring is on its way though. I always feel better when Feb. arrives because that means March is next which means April is after that. Sounds good doesnt it.

Mondays workout looked tough. Of course, you never do a workout that doesnt look tough.

What are: 8 step DB squats? Are they just lateral walking squats?


Jessica said...

Great question Krissa!

These are squats where you start with your feet together and step out 8 steps to complete one rep. You start with 8 steps on each side, then go to 7, then 6, etc.
Tough stuff!
I am doing some journaling today and some writing to dial into why I have been so challenged with my health lately. I am gonna figure this out! :)

cathy said...

Hey Chick,

Hope you feel much better really soon!
The "medicine" part of me ( I am a PA-C and specialize in Emergency Medicine) wants to make sure that you are keeping hydrated and staying on top of your nutrition.
You workouts are intense! Hats off to you! Please make sure you are drinking tons of water to flush all those myoglobins out of your body. I am sure you are but when I hear you feel badly the caretaker in me needs to make sure you are flushing the toxins those workouts create and eating well to repair your muscle and keep your strength up. :)

Ps_ I did one of the fitness challenge workouts today.....laps of walking lunges/ rocked! But what distance is your lap? Are you using a standard outdoor 400 meter track or an indoor one at your gym?


Jessica said...

As always, thanks for stopping by! What is a myoglobin? I could google it but I would rather hear it from you anyway! :)
Honestly, my water in take has fallen off a bit. But not drastically so I am probably still at 3/4 of a gallon daily. Thank you for the reminder - I know I need to up h20 as well! I usually have a protein shake with some simple carbs immediately following.
I do my lunges on a gym track which is about 160 meters for one lap. So much shorter than a standard outdoor track. Nice job on the challenge! Fun isn't it!

cathy said...

Myoglobin is a protein and is the primary oxygen carrying pigment of muscle tissue. Myoglobin is released from damaged muscle tissue and is filtered by the kidneys. However it is toxic to the renal tubules......and thus the importance of keeping on top of your hydration, especially with the intense training that you do.
Whenever you do a workout that is stressing muscle you have to drink alot of water.

I was thinking about this as I read your post and was wondering if you are keeping up on the hydration. In my humble opinion :) it seems like you should be downing a gallon a day (at least). :)

I find that keeping up on water and glutamine really helps me. And really stretching on a regular basis.


And yes, the workout was fun(?) No, I loved it. And honestly, not really all that sore tonight.


Jessica said...

I think I knew (faint rumblings in my brain as I was reading your post) that myoglobin had something to do with the blood. :) I would assume if I have too much myoglobin in my renal tubes it makes my immune system kick down to low. :)
Yes, your humble opinion is correct. I knew that as I was typing it. Thank you for busting me out. No, I adore you for busting me out!
I am very religious about my glutamine - but know it takes more than just glutamine! Water and glutamine.
Glad you enjoyed the workout - I will be interested to see if you have any soreness. If not, you are officially a bad ass.
Gotta run - go drink some water! Ha.

cathy said...

I think I like " officially being a bad ass!"
Thank you!

Minimal soreness this morning too. ( I was concerned that I would be limping around the ER today).
Have a great day off.


Anonymous said...

Our indoor track is 160 meters as well. That is still a LONG way to do lunges. I will have to think about doing that one. I would probably be sore. I am always more sore the second day after a leg workout. So it might hit Cathy tomorrow! Hope not, but I always love being sore. It means I worked hard!