Monday, February 11, 2008

Voting Results, Kettle Balls ROCK and Today's Workout!

Happy Monday!

Below are the poll results:
  • 53% would like more pics
  • 53% would like more nutrition and diet info
  • 33% of you would like to see figure news
  • 20% would like to see more workouts
  • 20% would like to see competition discussion
  • 13% would like to see more personal stuff
  • 6% would like more weigh in and stats
So, look for more pics, nutrition and diet, figure news as well as workouts and competition discussion. :)

For my workout this morning, I did a HIIT session which was AWESOME! I started out warming up on the treadmill at 10% incline and 4.4mph. After that, I started my intervals in which I did 60 seconds of kettle ball squats alternating arm raises with the 20lbs kettle ball below. The first four intervals I did I alternated arms the whole time and then I changed to both arms while doing squats. Let me tell you that will get your heart rate up!! Woo hoo. I did the intervals - 1 min kettle ball squats, 2 minutes incline walking for 30 additional minutes. Burned a total of 400 calories! Not bad for 40 mins.

At lunch I went back to the gym for the first time in a long, long, time (well long time over lunch). Everyone was super shocked by my hair (I DO look like I am twelve in my gym clothes - I am going to have to wear hats to keep my bad ass image - ha ha ha) but I got a good workout in. I did chest - 5 sets of flat bench at 80lbs (yeah, not good - way less than normal), 4 sets of incline dumbbells with 30lbs each and cable flyes with 60 lbs.

While I was weak, it felt great to be back in there! If you don't know what a kettle ball is or use one currently, here is a pic of the 20lb one I have (purchased at Target):

More later...check back often - I told Power Authority I would post more often if he promised to comment more often!


Power Authority said...

Ok... I am here... Smooch!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE KETTLE BELLS TOO!!! They rock. So versatile and fun.

That sounds like a great workout. That was some warmup. 10 % incline at 4.4---you have quick feet!


Anonymous said...

Love your hair!!! It's more sophisticated than your long locks, which I loved also. I want to see you with curls just to see what that looks like. Someone will feel better for having your hair. You're a special person.
Blog entries I like the most are pics, diet news, and competition info.