Friday, February 29, 2008

Wiiiiiiiipe OUT and Arnold Classic

Happy Friday everyone!!!! I hope all is well with all my fellow fitness lovers and competitors! I am having a great week thanks to my awesome ski trip! :) We had a great time - spent four days on the slopes - about 5-6 hours a day of skiing and I burned between 2000 and 2200 calories a day skiing which was awesome! Talk about a great interval workout! :) We went with our friends Doon and Amber (yes, Amber the girl from my kick butt workouts!!). She is a snow boarder and my DH and Doon are skiers so I skied with them. Well, let me just say they really pushed me beyond what I would normally attempt!! This is what I looked like on the slopes! :) The reality is I picked up my game and became a better skier but on the second day I had a gnarly wipeout involving a super steep hill, a patch of ice and my tired legs. I caught an edge on my skis and did three somersaults down the hill and lost both skis, both poles and my goggles. I have a HUGE bruise (size of grapefruit) on my leg and have kind of messed up my hip but it was worth it! I love to ski and this trip did not disappoint. We got back on Wednesday night and since then I have committed to getting back to the gym on a consistent basis. I realized that no matter what I have to get my workouts in - that means scheduling them every day and not skipping them no matter what. I am trying to decide if I will workout in the mornings, afternoons or after work. There are benefits and drawbacks to all so I need to see what is going to work best!

I know I mentioned my bulking plan last weekend and still trying to workout the details. Thought I would have a chance over the vacation but was too darn tired! I will work on it this weekend and post for you all!

The Arnold Classic is this weekend - TODAY in fact!

You can check out the LIVE webcam by clicking here: Arnold Classic Webcast LIVE!

Schedule of events is here: Arnold Classic Schedule of Events

I will be watching Figure and Fitness tonight at 6pm CST. Won't you join me???? My votes are for Gina Aliotti for figure and Jen Hendershott for fitness!

Who has your votes?

Figure competitors are:
Sonia Adcock Deborah Leung
Gina Aliotti Juliana Malacarne
Paola Almerico Kristal Richardson
Catherine Andersen Chastity Slone
Natalie Benson Brenda Marie Smith
Amy Fry Briana Tindall
Bernadette Galvan Latisha Wilder
Jennifer Gates Nicole Wilkins
Fitness competitors are:
Regiane Da Silva Kimberly Klein
Tina Durkin Julie Lohre
Bethany Gainey Tanya Merryman
Tracey Greenwood Mindi Obrien
Oksana Grishina Julie Palmer
Jen Hendershott Stacy Simons

Good luck ladies and post your vote in the comments! :)))

Have a great weekend all!


Visionquester said...

I just spent some major time pouring over the girl's suits. I have the pics linked on my blog from Gina's suit is so beautiful.

So glad you had fun on the slopes!
How did you get down the hill without skis and poles???? Sounds like a blast for sure.

I have been working out at night (about 8 o'clock) because it gives me something to look forward to the whole day!


Jessica said...

C -
The suites are beautiful! Are you referring to her one piece or two piece specifically? :)
The slopes were a BLAST and making it down the hill involved me rolling down the hill head over feet.
Interesting about working out at night - I find if I don't do it in the am or over lunch I never do it. I also struggle with taking a day off because it means I am out of a routine. Make sense? I like to do the same thing every day each day so that it is a habit - taking a day off or doing an every other day split messes me up. How bout you?

Jessica said...

And I meant suits not suites. I don't know what their hotel suites look like! :)

Anonymous said...

Her one piece. I wonder who made it. If you look at Jen Gate's up close can see how gross it looks not to have any body fat.

She looks horrible up close... but on stage she looks awesome.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a great time!
And a good workout at the same time!

I was thinking about the comments made on C's blog and I kinda see it both ways. In one way it is a FIGURE competition even if it is a divison of the IFBB. I do prefer Jenny Lynn's look. And its funny you mentioned her as an example because my boyfriend was looking at my oxygen mag with me and said, "See, now that is not too bad. She is not too muscular and she looks balanced--feminine." Not that competition is about pleasing men, I just think that is what FIGURE is to me. Musclular but still feminine.

Then again, I admire girls like Gina because...DAMN! That girl has some serious muscle going on. But figure was created to be a division focused on aesthetics--"beauty combined with an athletic body."

Either way---I wish I looked like they do! I would love all those big muscles!


Jessica said...

K -
I did have a great time! Loved every minute of it!!! My quads were completely SMOKED! Which was awesome!
As for Jenny Lynn and Gina - I feel the same way you do - have a tremendous amount of respect for Gina because of the muscle she carries but also really struggle that she is too muscular. That is one of the reasons I really like Jenny Lynn. It is funny that your hubby says that about JL because my hubby says the same thing - says Gina is too ripped - too much muscle. I think next year's Olympia will be very interesting because I think Gina and Jenny will be going at it and who the judges place first could symbolize a shift in the figure judging.
And I am with you - I would take either body! Ha!

Anonymous said...

I have to say that I get a bit disappointed when a heavily muscled woman wins any of the figure competitions. Alot of muscle may suit Gina but that doesn't make her the best FIGURE athlete or representative.
I agree that JL is the best representative of a figure athlete.


Jessica said...

I figured with you and I both being JL Forum members we would probably be on the same page with the amount of muscle. I do think Gina has a good physique but to me she borders on body builder. I concur that being a good representative of the sport is what is key.
Thanks for stopping is your training going???