Monday, February 18, 2008

It's All About Perspective

If you aren't sure if you feel up to training today or tomorrow...or if you ever are feeling down or this video....I guarantee it will inspire you to make it to the gym no matter what AND make you gracious for everything you have in life.

Amazing. I am off to the gym!! :)


Anonymous said...

That was touching. Makes me feel pretty dang selfish obsessing over 15-20 pounds of "Extra Energy!"

He is amazing.

Thanks for posting this.

Now I am off to the gym!


Anonymous said...

that was inspirational!


Jessica said...

Glad to hear it ladies! This is the stuff life is truly made of! :)

EM :) said...

SOOO AWESOME! Thank you for posting that.
Hey girl, did you notice you dropped under 200 days???
HOLLAAA!!!!!!!!!!! So exciting!!!!
Keep it up!
Hey, I do a full 360 on the stairmill. One minute forward, turn right for side-step, turn right for backwards (NO HANDS!!!) turn right for side-step again, then finish straight with double steps. Then begin the circle again!!
yayayyy!!! :)

Anonymous said...

I saw that kid on Larry King about a year ago. Really something special he is. Very mature for his age. Did you know he types too?


Jessica said...

So glad you all watched this and loved it. It is definitely good to see those people out there who aren't as "fortunate" but who are more blessed than most! :)
Em - You are so funny! I should have known you would be doing like a double back flip on the step mill! Rock it sister!

Anonymous said...

i saw this on alwyn cosgrove's blog and i looked him up to find out how he ended up with no arms and no legs. Some kind of horrible infection as a child, had to amputate his limbs to save his life. And he made one somewhat complaining comment as a child and NEVER complained since. Amazing. it really puts our petty little complaints into perspective.

thanks for sharing!

can't believe you are under 200 days! whoo hoo!

Power Authority said...

Feakin that guy is a monster in the gym... he works REAL hard....