Friday, February 8, 2008

Big News! And Please VOTE!!!!!

Please, please, please vote! Look to the right and vote if you haven't already! Even for those of you just stopping by for the first time, vote away! :)

For years and years, you have seen me like this:
For those of you wondering, above is my high school pom pom pic and also a pic from when I dressed up like a football player (if it isn't obvious). I thought I would include it for a little laughter. Some of you have seen me like this:

And lots of the time you see me with straight hair, like this:

But today, I got crazy - like drinking whiskey all night and making a wacky decision crazy - and did something WILD....and here it is:
I donated my hair to Pantene's Beautiful Lengths program! While I only wanted 8 inches take off they hair stylist did not have a ruler (I should have brought one) and they "eye balled" it so I actually lost 11 inches of my hair. I would be happier if it were a little longer but overall I like it. It is the shortest my hair has been since I was 20 (a LONG time - over 10 years) but I am ok with a change. After all, hair grows back and I helped someone who lost their hair to cancer have a beautiful wig! :)

Here is my and my friend Maya with our hair (check out the ELEVEN inches!!!) right after our hair cuts!

What does everyone think????

I will have more of an update tomorrow on the rest of my week!


EM :) said...

OH MY GOSH! I love it J!!! Sooooo great! I did the same thing when I was 12 inches to locks of love. You gotta love the feeling. Wait til you wash it....your hands keep going, but the hair is gone........
Seriously, what an awesome way to start your weekend!
You're HOTT

cathy said...

I think you are awesome for donating your hair!

Anonymous said...

I love it! This was exactly what I was thinking of your competition! In fact I typed it to you in an e-mail at one time but then erased it. I love it! It looks so nice on you. I love the deep color also. It looks rich.

My hair looks like your Pom Pom picture and looks like a witches broom when straightened. :(


Anonymous said...

You look great and what an awesme contribution. Your hair looks very healthy and shiny! Love it :)


Product Vixen said...

Hey Girl. I love your hair and what a fabulous surprise! It reminds me about those big decisions we said we would call each other first before jumping off the cliff. Yours was your belly button mine was well you and the J.D. know....I would have probably tried to talk you out of it, so I am glad you didn't call!
It touched my heart, in more than one way; you have always been generous and giving, you have supported me through my brother's cancer and now as I start that journey with Wendy-she found out on Friday she does have to do chemo due to her breast cancer. The best, most unselfish gift you can give, is for someone you may never even know, those are truly from the heart. Victoria had one word AWESOME! Ditto that from me, just simply beautiful.
I love you. UR Girl

Jessica said...

Hey guys!!!

Thanks so much for all your awesome comments and feedback! You know I love all of you and appreciate your support. It was a pretty big deal and very dramatic. While I had been kicking it around for awhile my friend Maya (who did it at the same time as me) put me over the edge. And knowing that I am helping someone who has cancer is so close to my heart. As you read on Product Vixens comment, her family has been affected by cancer in many ways and to give back is very touching and emotional for me.
C - what do you mean you were thinking of for competition? That you were going to recommend I go Mary Lado style for competition? :)
Again, thanks all!

Anonymous said...

I was going to recommend exactly what you just did. Straight and sleek with a deep color. You have to remember.....before Visionquester, I will always be Stylesourceress.

(I can't do a flippin' thing with my hair due to the nappy texture)


Jessica said...

You will crack up - but I had literally been debating on this forever - especially with competing because so many of the girls have longer hair but I have loved Mary Lado's because I think it looked so sleek.

Just so everyone knows - I did not color my hair - it just looks darker because when it is longer, the bottom half looks lighter (no idea why). And I use Aveda's color conditioner in clove every other condition which is usually ever four days or so since I wash my hair every other day (keeps it healthier).
I am really excited to see how much easier it is to style after workouts, etc. :)

Power Authority said...

Great cause....

And well..... Great cause!