Monday, February 4, 2008


Happy Monday all!

I need everyone's help on answering some questions for me. To the right of this post is a poll asking you what you would like to see more of on my blog. If you are a new comer to my blog, PLEASE answer this if you aren't thinking of coming back. If you are a long time visitor, let me know what you would like to see more of! ;) I really value each of your opinions and promise to listen and respond to your requests. Thank you!

Anyhoozle, I didn't workout on Sunday...still feeling pretty yucky and I figured one more day of rest would be smart. But I did do something REALLY important and something I recommend everyone do whenever you come to a place where you are struggling with motivation or accomplishing something. As most of you know, I have been struggling with consistent workouts. I knew that was primarily a result of how many hours I have been working. And I also knew that work was getting more and more challenging and that was a result of a new team structure we are testing. Regardless, my days were looking like this:
  • Wake up at 5am and work for 2 hours, get food ready (at least I was still doing that) go to work
  • Work at office from 8am to 6 (skipping lunch lately when I would normally lift)
  • Go home, eat dinner and then work for another 2-3 hours
  • Repeat
As you can see, I was putting myself and my workouts in second place to work. Over the weekend I wrote down all of the obstacles me preventing me from working out on a consistent basis. And then, and this is the most important step in this process, I wrote down what I needed to do to overcome those specific obstacles. My reasons and how to overcome them were the following (I am giving you the Reader's Digest version - short and sweet) but you will get the idea:
  • #1: Working too many hours - need to delegate and take them time to off load projects to other team members.
  • #2: Sickness - make sure I am getting gallon + of water daily, eating whole foods and keeping a gratitude journal.
  • #3: Lack of motivation - review my goals and what I am training for DAILY - keep note cards that outline my goals and read DAILY.
I believe that we can all accomplish our goals in life but we must understand the obstacles and make adjustments based on those obstacles. For me, I was allowing my work to interfere with my life and therefore put me out of balance with those things important to me. Which is probably the REASON I kept getting sick. My body/mind/soul was telling me to honor myself, my body and my soul. Everyone should know what method of goal setting works for them....Jody and I write down our goals every year and review them often. We achieve 90% of the goals we right down! How cool is that??? So, my little poor man's Photoshop job (below) will be a reality in September! :)

P.S. I ran for a half hour this morning (350 calories - slow pace) and we started our Isagenix cleanse again today. Feels goooooooooood. Flushing the bod. Flush, flush, flush. :)


Anonymous said...

I dont have time to read all of this right now but I had to comment on the poll. Too cute. I voted for diet/nutrition though. Although I love pics, you dont talk much about your diet and it must be pretty good to have all that muscle!!!!


Anonymous said...

That's what I do to. Identify the glitch and figure out a way to fix it. Sometimes my strategy doesn't work the first time, but I keep taking a stab at it unil I get it right.

BTW I would say most of the Pros work full time.

Oh and one more thing.... I don't think I ever read your personal reason for the big goal. That tends to be a motivating factor.

Delegate! It's good for the soul.

Visionquester said...

too. I mean too.

Anonymous said...

It has been since Monday!!! Hope all is well!

Do you read Muscle&Fitness Hers? There is an article in there that reminded me of you. It is the workout on page 74 with Amy Villa-Nelson. It seems crazy hard and extreme. The moves themselves are not that hard but putting them back to back with other exercises makes it tough.


Jessica said...

Hey Krissa!
You are so awesome! As soon as I read this I was like: WHOA! Is there a new M&F Hers out (because I LOVE IT) and then I ran to Barnes and Noble and bought it immediately! Yes, this is one of the workouts I would do...just not lately! :)
I actually took the whole week off to heal and recover. I kept getting sick every time I start working out again and I am tired of it. So I am listening to my body and taking some much needed time.
I am planning on starting my workouts (slower this time) this week.
Thanks for always having great comments and always stopping by!