Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Getting Big & A Champ Hangs up the Heels

Big news this week on the figure front, IFBB Pro Valerie Waugaman has decided to retire to explore her career as an American Gladiator. This was a massive news announcement considering how successful Valerie had been during her short 3.5 year career - winning three major pro shows. Due to the intensity of training and filming, she has decided to hang up her posing suit.

Check out Val as she does one of her unique and unprecedented figure posing routines. No body does it quite like Val. :)

A full article on Val retiring can be found here:

We will miss you Val and congrats!

In other news, I am less than 200 days out from the big day! Whoa. And I have one goal: ADD MASS and GET BIG. Trouble if you are a female - well at least trouble mentally. Get bigger - weigh more - eat more - lift heavier. Worked on my bulking plan over the weekend but not quite ready to post it.

Stay tuned for more. I am still not 100% healthy so I am taking a bit more time to feel better. Nutrition info/tidbits coming tomorrow.
P.S. Can you tell I figured out how to post videos?? :)


Anonymous said...

I love Val! I have not watched American Gladiators yet because....I rarely turn on my tv because I love the internet and cannot seem to follow a shop each week. But it seems weird to me--to trade competing for that show. Maybe if I watched it, I would understand.

I am looking forward to your new bulking plan.

I would also love to hear what your personal diet is like. What do you typically eat on any given day? Just curious.

Hope you are progressing towards 100% healthy! I have the crud right now and I know how much it sucks to be slowed down, especially at the gym.


Anonymous said...

show--now shop. I cannot type!


Anonymous said...

OMG! I need to go to bed. NOT! Not now. :)


Jessica said...

Hey Krissa -
You are too funny!
Val is awesome although I have to tell you I like Beth Horn's physique better (she is on Gladiators too). It is kind of a funny show. Cheesy and goofy - I only watch it because of them.
I didn't get to my new bulking plan before I left for vacation. We are in Colorado right no. I will post my daily diet too!
I am definitely progressing but it is just frustrating. I really haven't been consistent about workouts for about 3 months which is making me nuts.
As for your typing - I knew what you meant chica! :)
Hope you are well - I know how busy you are!