Saturday, February 16, 2008

Goal Setting 101 and Fitness News

Let's face it, goal setting isn't fun. Often times when people set goals they don't map out what it takes to get to that goal. For example, today I had to sit down (again because of being sick on and off over the last few months) and map out my goal of acheiving my pro card. This is somewhat difficult because I know I need to add muscle mass and know when I need to start dieting down but there are a lot of other factors involved like how many shows I need to do to show the judges I am serious as well as how much weight I can reasonably add during that period of time.

I know I have about 30 weeks until show time. 12 of those weeks need to be for dieting down. So essentially I have 18 weeks for mass building. So I broke down my routines and my goals during that 18 weeks and then goals for that last 12 weeks. I have to then translate those weekly goals when I plan out my day. I started my goal setting today and will finish up tomorrow with a detailed plan that I will share here on the blog. A couple things I can tell you that WILL have to change - can't miss workouts. :)

Some fitness news....the season started today with the Ironman Pro in LA. You can check out the figure replay for this mornings replay here: and go to the figure replay. You can watch the finals tonight LIVE! :)

I worked out today and did a full body core workout.
  • Squats w/65 pound squat rack super setted with T push ups (push up and then raise arm to ceiling and twist in between push ups) - 20 reps, 3 sets though
  • Step ups w/body weight on 23" step super setted with Olympic bar rows - 20 reps each leg, 20 total rows, 3 sets
  • Hamstring curls on ball super setted with sit ups on ball
Pretty basic but I torched 450 calories. Also did 30 minute run. Slow and easy.

I am tired of having negative thoughts about how I look or feel - this is a process for me in reaching my goals - that may mean I have to gain some weight in the interim. Weight gaining is good.

More on specific goals tomorrow. Will keep you updated on other figure news.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Jessica,
Thanks for the link. I love watching shows. About the feeling bad... I honestly think today was the first day that the gym that I let my gut hang out and didn't give a care about how big my butt is. Acceptance of one's self is a beautiful thing. It only took me 6 months! Yeah. Funny how it works, but when I finally accepted me the way I some how becomes super easy to change. Puts a positive spin on things you know?

Oh by the way, I can promise you my body fat is waaay more than yours, so don't put too much into that caliper. I am sure it's waaay off. (Cause I have a full spare tire and you are almost stage ready!)