Saturday, May 10, 2008

And I Vlog...I Vlog So Far Away!

Hey y'all. Tornadoes down here in AR-kansas. ;) But we survived. Some hail - lots of wind but all is well.

Here is a Vlog featuring my hubby with messages to Cynthia AND Krissa.

You guys rock! More tomorrow on other what? I don't know. I am working on it. :)



Visionquester said...

My very first boyfriend's name was Jody...
Yeah.. I'm a Neil Diamond fan..not an Elvis fan, sorry.

Thank you for VLOGGING!!!!

It was awesome! Good job on the workouts! November baby...


Krissa said...

You guys are too cute together. Enjoyed the funny faces.

You were sweating up a storm!!!! Dont you love that sweat flying off you feeling???

So are you competing in November? I must have missed this piece all together or got confused. I thought you decided not to compete this season? Wrong?

Great vlog.

Cathy said...

you and the hub man are so cute!

EM :) said...

You and your hubby *and pablo, too* must have a blast together. You so freakin complimentary in your personalities. It so fun to watch!!!
HAVE A GREAT WeEk. And girl, you better attack tuesday like you've never done before!! Get IT before it gets you!!!!!!!

Jessica said...

Thanks guys for all the comments!

Krissa, I am considering competing in November. But only considering it. ;) Depends on how my new program goes. Just playing it by ear chica.