Saturday, May 3, 2008

AHHHHHHH! I Got a New Attitude!!

Blame it on finally getting out of my late onset post competition blues (LOPCB), Cynthia getting crazy with her not so subtle comments and/or blog posts involving ME and me finally letting go of the idea of competing this year.....and just when all of those things happen....BAM!

I mean....

BAM! Everything has changed for me.

I found Scott Abel (thank you Cynthia) and discovered his forum, a few of his products and A LOT of his methodologies and everything has changed for me. Most of all though, Scott's ideologies over training and dieting and metabolic damage are ground breaking and really speak to me.

Here has what has changed for me:
  1. I no longer obsess over what I eat. I plan my meals and my calorie staggering but I don't feel guilty if I miss a meal or feel awful if my macros are off by 5%.
  2. I no longer have to do cardio in the morning on an empty stomach. I know that at some point in my day (usually planned) I will get in an awesome workout - 70-80 minutes of ass busting hard work. And if I can't, I know I will tomorrow.
  3. I no longer have to lift a body part and then do cardio. My workouts incorporate both.
  4. I no longer obsess over cardio with friends or family as too much, too little, not enough. I can run or bike with them and ENJOY myself. Who knew?
  5. I no longer freak out over eating _____ before a workout or _____ after a workout. I do my best to have good pre and post workout nutrition however I no longer freak out over it.
  6. I no longer freak out over planning my workout. I push myself hard and have a great workout. Nuff said.
  7. I haven't been on a scale in 3 weeks but my muscles feel tighter and I feel leaner.
Here is what all of this really means and what I learned from my two figure comps last year:

I want to look like an athlete EVERY DAY. Not just for the 2 days I am stage ready.

I want to look great 365 days a year - not incredible for 2.

Scratch that:

I WILL look like an athlete EVERY DAY. Not just for the 2 days I am stage ready.

I WILL look great 365 days a year - not incredible for 2.

If I can compete considering all of these things...great. If competing means compromising my health, my attitude, my life - I won't do it.

That said....I think it is possible. No, I KNOW it is possible. But still don't know what the future holds for competing. HIGHLY considering a November contest. :)

Hope you are all having a great weekend!

P.S. Amber/Jessica workout reunion today. We did hill repeats (see the right side for my workout) 8 times and let me tell you, this hill is BRUTAL. Then we did a set of legs in between hill repeats - we did walking lunges and then we did a couple variations of step ups with over head presses. Then we did abs. TOUGH stuff. Always love the Amber reunion.


Visionquester said...

Sounds like things are going swimmingly.... this may be my last season...I think I may move on to Cross Fit full time after this...

There are soooo many things to learn and do and dabble in and sample about fitness... There are sports, games, mountains to climb,etc.

I love the figure for many reasons...this prep is so awesome compared to last. I DO NOTHING that I don't want to and NOTHING is done out of fear. I FRIGGIN' LOVE IT!!! I love putting on the glitz and putting on a show...I am a showman or is it showwoman by nature.... best part. I don't give a crap what I look like anymore.... ever.. Guess what we are all going to get old and our bodies and skin will rot right off of us... if we can't get over what we look like then we are going to have a hard hard time with every passing year.

Build your beauty and health from the inside and the outside is bound to follow. KWIM???

Are you gonna marry Scott Abel???

I look forward to hearing what your decision will be for November.


Tressa said...
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Jessica said...

Hey chica. Yes, things are going swimmingly. Definitely feeling much more into it again and not like I have to be into it. You know?
I can tell things have changed for you. Love this. You are right about how we have to learn to love our bodies - we will have them forever. Duh.
Totally KNUM (hee hee).
Scott is already married or else I would.

Kelly O said...

Girls this is just what I needed to hear...I've been whining on my blog about being tired of obsessing over every ounce....when I love to eat healthy and I love to workout but when you constantly monitor yourself like a science experiment, well I find myself just wanting to escape..and I have hated that. On to a more reasonable year round fitness lifestyle....we can do it!!!

Power Authority said...

Good job Jess.. I am down to 301 after cardio today.. 50 minutes! 7 percent, wiped out...