Wednesday, May 7, 2008

WONDERFUL Wednesday, Weekly Recap (late) and Eats

Today is always is.... EM, to answer your question it really isn't lack of sleep it is just a crazy day at work. I have meetings all day and I have a theory on why it is so crazy in addition to those on Monday people come to work and they are all "hey, how was your weekend?" or "I saw Iron Man and it was awesome" or "Kids were sick" blah, blah, blah and then Monday afternoon they start to think through what they need to get done during the upcoming week and then Tuesday morning it is like: "HOLY CRAP! I HAVE TO CALL JESSICA TO GET EVERYTHING DONE!".

But, I survived. And I love you guys for all your kind words. :) You are all awesome.

As for solving the Terrible Tuesday conundrum (whoa - big word), I just need to reschedule all of my meetings on Tuesday to another day. This way I can spread the madness out over a few days. BAM! Problem solved. Now, perhaps you are saying to yourself: "Why wouldn't she do this before?" to which I would answer "It isn't as easy as just rescheduling these meetings - A LOT of people are involved. Duh." Although maybe I would say the DUH thing under my breath. Anyway, it is like anything - if is isn't working do the following:
  • Step back to look at the situation.
  • Determine why it isn't working and what are the pain points.
  • Address the pain points.
  • Review and revise if it still isn't working.
I feel better - do you?

Below is my weekly recap. I actually am loving the weekly recap - I need to do the same type of thing with my diet on macros and calories. I am finding that tracking things proves more difficult than one would think. :) Especially on Mondays and Tuesdays!

Overall I am feeling really awesome about my workouts but not so awesome about my food. My workouts are SUPER intense and crazy and I feel awesome after I complete one - partially I think because of how hard they are and partially because of how fully activated my entire body feels.

What programs do you guys use to track your food? I know I have asked this before - does anyone use anything OTHER than Fit Day that they like better and why?

I have also not been sick for almost 6 weeks! How awesome is that???? But yet how sad is it that I am saying that??? Anyhoo, I feel really good about my health and my supplementation!! And I love my new attitude. And my hair is growing out. And summer is here. And life is GOOD! :)

I am gonna vlog tonight after my workout - or maybe before hand so you can see me without a hat on and my hair down and sassy.

You guys rock by the way - THANK YOU so much for all the awesome comments!

Weekly Recap:
5 Mile Run - 550 Calories, 42 minutes
Day 2 of UFP (see blog) - with chest/back/core emphasis
Day 3 of UFP (see blog) - with back/shoulder emphasis
Day 4 of UFP (see blog) - with additional shoulder/chest emphasis
Day off - AHHHH
Hill repeats (massive HUGE incline hill) super sets with leg work - walking lunges with 50lb barbell and 40lb kettle bells for first 4 sets then 4 sets of step ups with overhead presses
THIS WAS SUPER HARD! Glutes/hams smoked.
30 mile bike - OWWWWWWW!
Day 5 of UFP - Crazy cardio intervals


Visionquester said...

Where do I find the UFP on your blog?

Glad things are working out! I love hair. Check out Em's hair if you haven't already... she is so beautiful.


My Cross Fit partner is leaving me forever in like a week. (sad)

Anonymous said...

I am going to do that glute/ham workout later this week. That was a good one. I am so glad to hear that you like these videos so much. I cannot wait to get them. (which I know I said I would mail a check today but I forgot. So I will put it in the box at work tomorrow! First thing!)

I am hoping my hair will have a growth spurt here soon. I have 19 weeks before my wedding. I WANT IT TO GROW!!! I am sure I will be using some extensions though.

Have a great day tomorrow. It is Thurday which is even better than Wednesday!


EM :) said...

Heyyy, thanks for the shoutout, C, geez thats very nice!
Girls, I know I'm not the best at staying in the blog world lately, but do know that I'll be hitting it hard when I'm back from Greece!!!! :) I'll have LOTS of pasta, bread & wine to work off I just know it!
I'm still super interested in the UFP so keep us posted!
MUCH LOVE TO YA'LL!!!!!!!!!!

Jon, J-dawg, or Sire said...

Jessica, do you live in Arkansas? Me too! Central Arkansas, Little Rock area that is.

Krissa said...


It is Saturday. Big difference from Wednesday. Hope the rest of your week went well. Maybe a vlog this weekend from you???? :)

Jessica said...

I love my blog family. You guys always keep me in check. I was a bad blogger last week. I don't know why I always feel like I have to have some awesome thing to post about when really it can be short, sweet and to the point. I promise more! :)

Jon - I do live in Arkansas! Rogers to be exact! Beautiful state! Thanks for stopping by! Cynthia is the bomb eh? Love that girl.