Monday, May 26, 2008


You guys know I love Oprah. Love her. I think she has done amazing things for our culture in terms of making us more aware of ourselves and our surroundings in ways we never would have without her.

Case in point - today I was catching up on my Oprah during my UFP workout and Dr. Oz was on the other day working with people with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and he said we all have some sort of OCD - just at a different level. So, I started thinking about my OCD's....and at first I was like..."I don't have any OCD' I?" And then I realized I do...and here they are:

1. When I purchase or receive a new magazine, I have to be the first person to go through the entire magazine page by page. I can do this pretty quickly, but if I walk through the door and someone else has gotten the mail and is looking through my new issue of Oxygen, I have a small melt down. I don't get freaky, just don't like it. I would say that is a mild OCD.
2. When we are doing something outside - going to the lake, going for a bike ride, etc. - I get a little crazy over the weather. Like checking it often, not doing something because the weather might be bad. Goofy.

Think about what you might be OCD about and feel free to post in the comments. The first step is admitting the problem! ;)

Outside of that, I am OCD free. But I will say that my thought process over what I eat and when I workout is slightly OCD, but I am working hard to change that and this weekend was a good start. I had a couple of fun workouts with the hubby and friends - running, riding and doing track work. And I got in my Ultimate Figure Program Day 1 today but I am not stressing anymore. I am working out, feeling good - and I can already feel me having a shift in my thinking about fitness.

I did update my weekly recap on my post from yesterday. Check it out YO! :)

Have a great week y'all!


Visionquester said...

I have no shame in admitting my OCD. I think it's only OCD if it adversely affects your ability to function in life. In other words it's not a problem for it's not a problem for me.

On the other hand... when I was a kid I had OCD really bad... like my checking was out of control, and I had lots of rituals that are just too weird to post. I have come to learn that it is anxiety based behavior based on irrational fears.

Anxiety is ingrained in who we are as a person. Just like there are Jack Russel Terriers and then you have your Golden Retrievers... I don't really buy into labels and picking people apart... slapping a label on...using it as a crutch... then medicating for no other reason than just cuz. If it is truly causing a problem in your life, then by all means go seek treatment... get some behavioral therapy... maybe even some meds.

I am all about taking the Jack Russell for an extra run though to ease up some of the anxiety... get what I'm saying? Even standing up to your fears and doubts little by little can reverse this. You can prove to yourself that there is no reason to worry. Even if you become slightly religious you will learn that worrying doesn't help anything. Give it Jesus...give it all to Jesus.

I gotta go to Borders to read with my little boy.

Can't wait to come home and "check" your blog!! lol


I like that OCD person on the Abel forum... I found it totally relatable when he or she said that he or she was afraid that he may be e-mailing Scott too much.

I know you would come out and tell me not to e-mail you so much if that were the case.

Jessica said...

I am totally with you on standing up to your fears - very important to do. I am terrified of heights so I went sky diving. Faced my fear.

And I have, at times, let people look through mags before I have...which is a little crazy but that way I can make sure I am ok. Anxiety is a part of everyone - it just rears its head in different ways. You have clearly dealt with yours.

Next time we have weekend plans, I am not going to check the weather. At all. Bam! What you think about that???

I would tell you if you email me too much. And you don't. Silly.

Hope the reading was good.

Jessica said...

Oh and the Abel guy is hilarious....he even calls himself OCD. Good times.

Kelly O said...

OMG I was reading this going, "How is there someone out there with the exact same OCD things as me??" Seriously, I have ALWAYS been psycho protective about my magazines. My sister used to read my magazines before I'd get home (when we were both younger living at home) and I wanted to clobber her. And I also check obsessively to be "prepared" for the weather with the right clothes, etc. This started when I used to travel on business all the time and got stuck without an umbrella. I learned to be prepared for everything.
I'm also totally OCD in my own house about being neat and having things put away neatly and in order. I'm a FREAK about it. Thank God I don't have kids! LOL

Jessica said...

Kelly -

Ok, so things we have in common (so far):

1. Girl crush on Jennifer Garner.
2. OCD over magazines.
3. OCD over the weather.
4. A love of rhubarb pie.

This is small the blog world is. :)


Krissa said...

Me too! I have a crush on Jennifer Garner as well! She is awesome. And a slightly bigger one on Hillary Swank (Million Dollar Baby---I cried for hours and she freakin rocked in that movie)

OCD habits

1) Of course counting calories
2) Looking in my cabinets over and over like something yummy is going to magically appear. :)
3)Checking my stove, hair styling tools, air conditioning, (unplugging everything) before I leave my apt--like 5 times while saying outloud, "Off, Off, Off, Okay, everything is off."
4) I used to line up my air fresheners in alphabetical order at the top of my closet (I had like 50. And at least 2 of each scent in case they stopped making them) I kinda got over this one. Mainly because there are way cooler air fresheners besides the spray cans.
5) This is weird: Nevermind--I have said too much already! Lots of OCD things going on.

Shouldnt OCD be CDO? That way its is alphabetical order! Thats on my locker at work.

That is weird about the magazine thing. I have never heard of that one. I do keep all my magazines and have a hard time parting with them once they take up too much room. They fill up those big tupperware storage containers. What the heck do I need to keep them for???

Oh, I cannot eat off regular silverware. I do, when I go out to eat, but I can taste the metal I swear and it really ruins the food. I love plastic.

Visionquester said...

Ok Krissa just posted most of mine that were too weird to post. lol


Seriously... Jennifer Garner? You guys actually have a shot with her considering her dh is gay.

What's wrong with Shakira???? Her hips don't lie. lol

B said...

LOL the magazine thing I do the same and when I purchase it the cover needs to be perfect no marks

I actually hide my oxygen mag until I can be the first to enjoy it

and I love Oprah as well

oh I also always think I didn't lock my door to the house and car and almost always double check it :)

Krissa said...
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Krissa said...

I had to reword this. Are you doing 4 sets of each quadplex?

Jessica said...

Loved all the OCD stuff ladies! :) We are not alone!

Krissa, yes I am doing 4 Quad Plexes. I started with 2 then worked up to 3 and now I am at 4. Although last night I only did 3 or QP 4:)