Saturday, May 31, 2008

Made it Through the Week - Vein Intact ! :)

Hey y'all!

Sorry I have been non-present in blog-land. Crazier week than normal.

We are in Iowa this weekend for the DAM to DAM 20k- Jody ran it this morning! So proud of him he ran 8 minute miles - yeah Jody! We drove up on Friday night after work - what a long week. I got about 4 hours sleep Wed, Thurs and Friday night (work was killing me). I was in Account Leadership college Wed, Thurs and Friday - hence the sleep issue but was PUMPED that my eating was ON and I got in all my planned workouts. Tomorrow I have one more workout to do for the week and I have achieved all my goals. My vein is still there although it only comes out during workouts - but I will take it when it decides to show itself. :)

As for today, I woke up at 5:00am went to drop Jody off at the race, watched him hit the finish line and then came back and slept from 10am to 1:30. Ahhhh. Needed that. Then I got in a great workout and am now blogging for you cats.

I am so excited - feeling like I am finally seeing results after 3-4 weeks of good eating and good workouts. Gotta keep it up.

I also read some of the Encyclopedia of Body Building today by the Ah-Nald (Arnold). Amazing basic stuff. Got me pumped.

A paraphrase from the book: If you want to lose fat, plan on losing it over 6 months to a year....that way you will keep it off. The worst way to lose fat is to fast or do a quick fat loss.

Now, I know I KNOW this but for some reason when you read it from the legendary Arnold it hits home a bit more. :) So, the plan is to keep being patient and just let it happen over time. But the little victories like my vein showing up or clothes feeling loose are definitely keeping me motivated.

A shout out to Cynthia for her progress. YOU LOOK GREAT!



Cathy said...

I love the Arnold and all of the bodybuilders that were "it" at that Rachel McLish....she still looks amazing.
Congrats on eating well and feeling good!

Visionquester said...

Hey.. we were just talking about that book at work. (I have it too)

Good job da man!!

Jessica... way to go on the Leadership college!!! You obviously got the position right?

You are awesome to get in all your workouts and eat well even during these hectic times!!!

Yeah.. I started getting my butt in gear the first of March and still have a long way to go. So by the time the contest rolls around it will be 5 months!!! Yikes.

I can't wait to see progress pics!

Hey do you like the !!!!!!!????

OK.... gotta go eat Fiber One caramel squares cereal.


Krissa said...

Good job! You sound ON! Glad you got some sleep. I find that I make bad decisions (diet wise) when I am short on sleep. So you did EXTRA well this week.

I like that book too.

I almost bought that cereal today but it was 4.25!!! Food is becoming outrageous and is breaking the bank. It looked really yummy though.

Hope you are having a good Sunday!