Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Vein Motivation

Happy Hump Day! Don't you love holiday weeks? Today we are half way through the week - WOO HOO!

Last night while training (Ultimate Figure Program - Day 2), I posed a little between sets - yes, I am admitting it - I pose occasionally. Anyway, I actually saw a vein again in my left bicep! Holy crap. I was so friggin excited! So, I have vein motivation right now - not scale motivation or pants fitting better motivation but scale motivation. LOVE IT! :)

As for Tuesday - it wasn't fantastical but it wasn't bad either and considering how insane my week will be, it wasn't bad. Got my workout in and ate perfect. Even had fish for dinner.

Later gators.


Anonymous said...

Ok... you said not scale motivation, not "some other kind" of motivation but scale motivation... did you mean vein motivation? I'm not sure what you were saying here.... Leave it to me to point out some ambiguity in your blog.



Krissa said...

What is LUF? Just curious. I am sure its something sweet since you two are crazy sweet to eachother. :)

That is awesome motivation. I am excited for you! So are you going to be competing sometime soon? I lose track. I know I have asked before so I apologize for my bad memory!

Visionquester said...

Veins are cool.
I love veins.
Good job.

Yeah... USA's is still 8 weeks away. It is such a LOOOONG time.

What do you have to lose? Besides a little hair and your health?

Jessica said...

First off, LUF is a conjugation of LOVE. We always say it is more than LOVE, it is LUF. :) And yes Krissa, we are over the top crazy sweet to each other. But you wouldn't know that since my cherub hasn't commented on my site in MONTHS and when he does it is to point out something. :) Luf back piddle.

I am not sure about competing again. This is still up in the air for me. And I saw a vein during my workout - I need to see one all the time BUT I will say that I am feeling leaner - tighter - stronger all over - which is awesome.

Jessica said...

Crap! I hit enter before I was done. :)

C- Jr. USA's in 8 weeks - are you crazy???? Maybe Nov (or Oct) but Jr's???

And my love - I did mean VEIN instead of scale when I used scale the second time in that sentence.


Visionquester said...

No jess...

USA' Jr's about it...

Hey listen... I ain't what they are looking for remember? Thought I was pretty lean until I posted pics... Ass ain't budging... strange.


Stephanie said...

Hi Jessica,

I love veins too. Hopefully, when I am old and wrinkley I will still find them cool!!! your blog!
Have a great day!

Krissa said...

Hope there is an update soon!

Have a great Saturday!