Sunday, May 18, 2008

Long Weekend

Hey y'all,

Had a long weekend - very productive but long. Got in a couple good workouts and a bunch of yard work done. Went to see Stomp with the hubby and went to a fun party...good times.

But I am super happy with how I ate this weekend - had a few opportunities to eat bad (restaurant meals) and I made good choices. Dinner tonight was salad and boiled shrimp. Yum. :)
I am noticing that the UFP program is great for me during the week but on the weekend, I really struggle to get these workouts in....with all of the activities we have going on, it is tough. I gotta figure out how to make it happen. And it also means that if I do Day 5 on Sunday, I certainly can't bike for 2.5 hours. :) But I am enjoying biking. And running. Especially with the hubby - I am getting bit by the bug.

Tomorrow I will have a new VLOG and also the weekly recap along with a stat update. :) You know you can't wait...YOU KNOW IT!

To all the girls out there who participated in the JR USA's - congrats! You all looked WONDERFUL!



Visionquester said...

I loved Stomp!


Cathy said...

hey Jess...sounds like good times and a great race time.....I did post about the "17"! Right now we are trying to iron out some my missing meals at work concerns .....and should have final details anyday now....and I worked today and am just now chillin and readin before bedtime.
have a good week!

Cathy said...

Hi J!

Check your email when you get a chance!


B said...


I have been reading through your blog today

unless I mistaken - you do your own diet and exercise plan??

how long before you tweaked it to see great results and what have you learned about doing your own diet along the way that you can pass along

Jessica said...

Hey all,

Catching up on my comments and blogs today.

C - Stomp is AWESOME! They are so talented and so physically amazing - their bodies reflect how hard they workout.

Cathy - got your email - thank you and so glad to see you have enlisted help! :)

B - I will send you a sep email with my thoughts. :) So appreciate you stopping by!