Sunday, January 6, 2008

1300 + Calorie Workout and Burning the Quads!!

Happy Sunday all!

Amber and I had another fantastic workout today. It is absolutely beautiful (70 degrees and sunny) so we met at the lake and ran 5.5 miles at a decent fat burning pace...because we both ran on an empty stomach we knew we needed to replenish protein and get some simple carbs in our system to fuel us through the weight workout were were about to embark on...after refueling we did the following ab challenge - let me just tell you...CRAZY OW!
  • Medicine Ball Sit-ups (Unassisted)- 25 times/Explosive on the UP- 10 second count on the DOWN/Keep M.B. on your chest AT ALL TIMES
  • Hanging Bent Leg Raises- 3x15/Rest 10 seconds between sets/DO NOT SWING
  • Plate Standups/25 times/DO NOT MOVE YOUR FEET/Tempo- Moderate Pace/The lighter the plate the harder the exercise...CHALLENGE/PUSH!
  • Side Core Plank- Hold 30 seconds/25 Ups and Downs/Do one side at a time
  • Hanging Straight Leg Raises- 3x15/Rest 10 seconds between sets/DO NOT SWING
  • Plate Stand-ups + Sit-ups/(2=1) 35 times/DO NOT MOVE YOUR FEET/Tempo- Moderate Pace/The lighter the plate the harder the exercise...CHALLENGE YOURSELF
  • Side Core Plank- Hold 1 minute/35 Ups and Downs/Do one side at a time

After cramping from the ab workout, we did the Chest/Bicep/Shoulder challenge that I posted on Day 5 - Staycation (see December blog list for more details)...the only thing we modified was the we added quad extension peek-a-boo's after our last upper body move before the cardio blast....which by the way, after running almost 6 miles we were OUT on the sprinting a lap in under 28 seconds - sorry Debbie but we had to just jog two laps on all four sets but the first and we just did one.

So, you ask, after yesterday's GRUELLING leg workout would we do MORE quads...well, Amber and I were really feeling our glutes were smoked but our quads...not so much. We were cramping in the butt-al region but quads felt pretty good so we added in that set of peek-a-boos. LET ME TELL YOU the reason we didn't feel out quads was because our a$$ was so smoked but our quads were also toast - our glute pain just covered it up! :) I would say there was a degree of regret about doing quad extensions today but overall great workout.

Yours truly - 1300 calories...Amber (a.k.a The Hummingbird) 1500.

I also decided to stop focusing on weight and start focusing on inches. Losing inches in certain places and adding in others. Why focus on anything else???



Amber said...

Okay, walking up the stairs to my office, totally not fun! On a side note, I am now feeling my quads slightly more than the glutes although I'm not sure how that is possible. I think sometimes we mean well when we throw in challenging extras but we don't exactly realize the delayed impact....but I love every minute of it, and I bet we could have thrown in 2 laps of walking lunges, eh? :) Just kidding, nothing left! Awesome workout today girl and in a sick way, I can't wait until the next workout!

Jessica said...

LOL when I read this one! Hee hee. I am so glad I have not yet encountered any stairs. :) I would probably ask Jody to carry me up them. If we would have done walking lunges, you would have had to carry me out of there on a gurney (Britney style) because I would have been laughing my butt off and crying at the same time. Yes, it was a great workout! I had a blast today! Looking forward to our next one chica!

Power Authority said...

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