Saturday, January 26, 2008

Back from KC - Part 1 - Pre Workout

I ended up having to go to Kansas City for work (WM year beginning meeting) on Monday afternoon. Thank goodness I had such an awesome workout with Debbie on Monday morning. She rocks! Anyhoozle, I ended up working almost 100 hours between Saturday and yesterday (Friday). So, you can imagine how my workouts turned out - much less my sleep (averaged about 4 hours a night). And to add to all of that, after walking the show floor (about 2 miles from one side to the other) and standing on concrete for a total of 24 hours in the WRONG unsupportive shoes because I didn't think I would have to work the floor itself, I have done something to my left foot. It kills every time I step on the ball of my left foot. Not so much fun but it is starting to feel better.

Overall, I am very frustrated I haven't been able to get back to it but it also means I am MORE motivated than ever to get back at it. And even though being gone to the show the whole time put me way behind with my regular work stuff, I feel like if I work a few hours this weekend I can get way ahead of the game and will finally have the time I need next week to get back to my workouts.

So....part one of today's blog is telling you why I have been MIA and share a little behind the scenes. :) Part two will be my workout from today. I will tell you that it won't be as intense as normal because of my gimpy foot but it will be good! :)
I'll be back.


cathy said...

Have you ever tried MBT sneakers?
They totally fix foot pains, joint pains, back get the picture.
They are steep, but well worth the cost. I can pound away in my workouts and nothing hurts!
Anyway.....hope your workout was great!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like rough times. Glad to know you are back and ready to go! I find shoes are SO VERY Important to my sanity! I am a nurse so my feet are screaming after a 12 hour shift so I am pretty picky about my shoes.

Looking forward to part two. Hope your workout was good!


Jessica said...

Hey ladies...getting ready to work out in about ten minutes. My DH is sick, sick. Has the flu and is sleeping right now with feet on my legs and I don't want to move because I know it will disrupt him. :( But I have been trapped for about an hour and nature calls so I will HAVE to move!
Cathy - yes, I have MBT Sport Highs and LOVE them. I haven't worn them enough lately and I can tell that is why my lower back is hurting as well. Ironically one of the demonstrators at our booth had on MBT's and I was so wishing I had mine. It was a grave mistake.
Krissa - check back in a couple of hours and I will have a workout for you! :)