Thursday, January 17, 2008

Re-Motivational Techniques

At this point I am not even sure what the point of posting is....all I am going to say is...I don't feel well, again. Do you sense my sarcasm?? Have been on the mend from bronchitis...feeling lots better and then Jody started to get stuffy head, sore throat, headache thing on Tuesday...and it got worse. Tonight I started to feel the same symptoms. Now, I will tell you I am fighting this with everything I have...even more so than before. Took lots of vitamin c, my wellness caps, probiotics...etc...and took a bath....As you can see, boxing gloves are on. I will wake up tomorrow and will feel 100% back to normal - I am healthy and strong! :)

On the training front, I have to get back to the level of intensity I was at before I got sick (again). I am enlisting Amber's has been almost two weeks since one of our kick ass A&J workouts....just for me, Amber has been continuing to rock the house (of course).

I have lifted three days so far (feels good!) and have done three days of mild cardio...will hit cardio again tomorrow and will do two super intense workouts on Sat and Sunday. Because I am officially about 9 months from my next show, I need to start mapping out the plan of attack both training and nutritionally.

Today I was feeling completely unmotivated and it occurred to me that a huge reason for my lack of motivation was that I haven't revisited my goals lately. I haven't sat down and gone through my goals, visualized where I will be and reviewed why I am here and why this is important to me. Anytime I lose sight of those things I feel my motivation fading. I have to re-motivate by reconnecting with myself.

Will post workouts soon!


cathy said...

Hey, this Cathy from the JL forum again.
About not feeling so well lately.....sorry about that. But give yourself a break. You are doing everything you possibly can. Stay hydrated. Are you taking any supplement that decreases inflammation? Fish oils, DHe? Most things that ail humans on an acute or chronic basis are caused by infllammation. And training like you do really stresses your body. Also are you sleeping? I have found that ZMA helps me relax and sleep soundly.
Enough with the suggestions! I really wanted to answer a question you asked. In a previous post you thanked me for stopping by and asked what else you could do to encourage more visits.
And I wanted to say that YOU ROCK just the way you are. Your posts provide me with motivation. I love reading your stuff. And when I need some motivato I head to the JL forum or other sites and chill and read and realize their are other great women who want and enjoy training for figure!
Take care chick!

Jessica said...

Hi Cathy!
First of all, thank you SOOOO much for the suggestions - all of them! :) I haven't been taking my fish oils as consistently as I should or would like to...that is a fact. I didn't know that about the inflammation thing and will definitely get more consistent. Yes, I am sleeping but not as consistently or as soundly as I should. I used to take ZMA religiously and have stopped. After my last competition I think I just went through a phase where I wanted to stop all supplements! :) Duly noted and will also add back in.
Thanks much for the compliments on my blog! I will keep posting often and know you will be checking in! Keep commenting and see you next time!

Anonymous said...

Be careful, flu season is here and you dont want your defenses to be down and end up in bed for 2 weeks. I know you want your intesity but your body sounds to be pretty tired. Hope you get to feeling better soon.

BTW: Your new avitar pic is really pretty.


cathy said...

Hi! I need to correct myself! The fishoil should have epa-dha to help keep inflammation at bay. Not dhe!
The ZMA helps to decrease nightime cortisol levels that are caused by stress and working out as hard as we do.
And I hear you about wanting to stop all supplements. Most of them make me feel pretty nauseous so training time is rough.
Take care.

Power Authority said...

I dont mind holding you accountable. I will train with you when I can....


Jessica said...

Cathy -
Thanks for clarifying...I knew what you meant! :) Yes, taking one with epa and dha! And got back to my ZMA two nights ago. Going back to the gym for my first "tough girl" workout today. Can't wait!
Krissa -
I am definitely taking care of me - have put am cardio on hold for extra sleep which I am loving. Glad you like my pic! :)
PA - I am there over lunch every day! :)