Friday, January 11, 2008

I Got Two Words for Ya: BRON CHITIS!

It's true. First time in my life I have ever had bronchitis and soooooooo not fun for someone with asthma. Here is the quick rundown (for those of you that stop by to actually see fitness posts and not sick posts :)):
Sick on Monday in the head/nose region. Woke up Tuesday and it have moved to my chest. Wednesday was really in my chest and Wednesday night I had to use my inhaler about once an hour throughout the night and slept about 2 hours. :( Went to the doc on Thursday morning and he was super freaked out at how bad my breathing sounded - immediately put me on a nebulizer (I have never had to do one in the past). Apparently, having asthma and bronchitis is not good and can be very dangerous. I had gone to work on Thursday morning but knew I was in trouble when I got out of breath just walking between conference rooms. Couldn't catch my breath. :(
He put me on an antibiotic and prednisone (a non-muscle building steroid AHHHHH) and gave me a nebulizer to use at home and although I am sick to my stomach being on so many meds, I gotta tell ya, I feel so much better! The breathing treatments are amazing and last night I finally slept. I can feel a good sleep and possible sleep in for tomorrow too!
On the frustrating side: I had just gotten my workouts in gear and had taken the intensity to a whole different level. Amber and I were working out consistently together and coming up with some awesome workouts. When I get sick after making so much progress I get so mad and upset and really sad to have to take two steps back. But, I know everything happens for a reason...keep reading...

What have I learned from this:
1. Take my Vitamin C religiously - daily.
2. Incorporate Green Super Foods every day.
3. Get my sleep!

I know me getting sick is my body screaming: "TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF! STOP WORKING SO MUCH! GET SLEEP!". I didn't listen so it made me listen.I am also going to add in greens and veggies with every meal. This will not happen again - a sinus infection and bronchitis all within the two months that happened to be the craziest two months of work for me in a long, long time....partner that with not enough sleep and not the bets eating and here I am.

The plan:
1. Get better!!
2. Figure out a schedule that allows me to workout, work and still get 7+ hours of sleep a night!
3. Get into the best shape of my life through a balanced program of weights, cardio, conditioning and a great nutrition program.

I am giving myself 2 weeks to kick it! But I bet I can do it sooner! :)

When you read this post, think about how you are taking care of YOU. If you aren't healthy you can't take care of others. True dat!



Anonymous said...

I get jealous when I read you blog. You work so freaking hard and seem to enjoy all that torture! Okay, so it is a good jealous. I am about to hit the gym now so it was good to read this before I went. Your intensity is killer!

How do you know how many calories you are buring? Guessing? I know it is a TON!

Have you weighed since you started training with Debbie? NOT THAT that is the most important thing but I was just curious. Those workouts are the ones that as soon as you are finished, you feel like you SHOULD have lost 5 pounds! :)

It is great that you have a workout partner to push you. You and Amber sound like a good team.

I hope you get to feeling better soon. Where do you live? You said it is 70 degrees, is the weather changing a lot?

Keep on Debbie to make some youtube videos. Or you and Amber make some of your own! How cool would that be?!?!

What is your nutrition like right now?


Jessica said...

Hey chica!

So glad you are back to the blogs! I missed you!

I am glad it is a good jealous! This new training style has changed things for me for sure about how I approach training! The intensity is killer but it helps to have someone with you.

I know my calories because I have a heart rate monitor and it keeps track of your calories. I just got it earlier in 2006 and I love it. It is a great motivator and a fun way to go into a workout with a calorie goal.

I have not weighed since training with her and now that I am sick and haven't trained at all for five days, I don't think the number would be accurate. What I can tell you is my quad sweep is more defined, my arms are more shredded and my endurance has increased dramatically.

Oooooh...maybe Amber and I could do some You Tube videos. That would be fun! :)

Nutrition right now is ok. I want to say it is great because 90% of the time I am spot on but then with the holidays, I wasn't very good for a couple of those days. The weather is NUTS - 70 degrees one day and 30 the next - no joke! Gee, I wonder why I got sick! I will start posting meal plans next week.

Congrats again girl! So very happy for you!

Jessica said...

Oh, and THANKS for all the compliments Krissa! You are too sweet!

Anonymous said...

Finally checked email and am catching up a little. I can tell the bronchitis affected you worse than what we talked about on the phone. I am sooooo sorry. Sick looks way scary on you. You are always the picture of viatality. I can't imagine your workouts. I need to go to the gym with you sometime and just watch. Watching will hurt ME. You are sooooo incredible. Love you and see you soon. Today is Leroy's b'day.